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Hey there mate, welcome to my blog - Phirasta. I'm Aarya Ghotikar - hodophile i.e Lover of Roads ! Here I create a refreshing gateway for you where you can roam place-to-place through my travel articles.

Travel Spotlight

Getting to know known and off the beaten tracks generating tips and guidelines for easy traveling!

Travel Tales

Fort Rohida

One of the best advantages of being a Puneite - a combo of nature and history at your doorstep. Best example of the combo I mentioned? - undoubte

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Aga Khan Palace

 Just to explore some not so often visited places in Pune, I came across a historically important place – Aga Khan Palace. So it just brings t

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Chittaranjan Vatika Garden

So, this is where I finally begun. One small step forward to my next goal – going places and document them. Thought why not to start from t

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