World Eggs Day 9th October

Some Nutritional facts about Egg :-

  • Egg Yolk is a Natural Source of Vitamin “D”
  • A Large Egg contains just 70 Calories & 5 gms of Fat
  • Egg Protein is a right mix of essential Amino Acids for humans to build tissues, second only to Mother’s Milk
  • Egg contains highest quality protein you can buy !

Other Mentions :-

  • How to check an egg whether it is hard-cooked ?
    • Just Spin it ! If it spins nicely, it is hard-cooked. If it wobbles, it is still raw & needs some more boiling.
  • If an Egg accidentally drops on Floor …..
    • Just sprinkle it with heavy salt for easy clean-up
  • Eggs are plenty ….
    • An average hen lays 300-325 eggs an year, rougly an egg a working day for us. And look around how many poultries are there around. So… eggs all over the year ! Enjoy
  • Fastest Omelette Maker in the world
    • He makes 427 omlettes in just 30minutes , i.e. appx 14 omlettes in 1 minute , 1 omlette every 2 seconds. Sounds amazing; isn’t it ? But it’s a fact. He is Howard Helmer , who also holds the Guinness Books Record.


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