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Membership Type of Blogs

Another types of blogs - Membership Blogs

Are you already an expert in some field , and share your knowledge with people ? Hmm, then Membership Type of Blog can be an excellent resource for you to build up subscribers and ultimately sell your services or coaching/training. Let’s see how to run a membership blog :-


Identify your skills/ Expertise :-

This is very important. Identify your skill sets. List them.

Identify the consumers :-

To whom will you sell your skills or expertise ? Look :- You are here to find out ways to Make Money Blogging  & not sheer blogging for blogging. If you have 10 different skills or expertise, please identify 10 different kind of people who may be looking out for your expertise.

There IS always a buyer

Do not think anytime :

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  • Who needs this useless  stuff ? , 
  • It won’t be useful to people ,
  • Will anyone really pay money for this ?


First, understand that if you felt the need for the things you have (that’s why you have acquired it  😀 ), there ARE others who have a similar need. As they say there is always a like person after every seven. I mean to say, if you have not seen anyone around you who may be needing the stuff ( i bet its your myth)  , it does not mean people do not need it. It may be :-

  1. You will find the consumers in some other place (World). Just do some research, again the researching blogs-forums habit will come to your help here. You may find them in some other part in the world; or who knows , the very near ones also may be needing this …?
  2. You are calling your expertise as something and people may be calling it something. For example , when I wanted to share my articles in the U.S. (which are very popular in India) on my expertise subject “Packaged Drinking Water”; there was not much response. Then I observed that the U.S. people call it as “Bottled Water”. This you can easily do with some smart keyword research. You can use keyword research free tool by Google

Once you identify the subject & the audience, the remaining job is fairly simpler. Just buying a domain name, hosting & installation of wordpress on it. But major will be the type of membership system you wish to offer. Monthly memberships are famous & popular. You decide your own. Generally you can follow this guideline :-

  1. Decide period of membership
  2. Decide the Fees for membership
  3. Decide currencies for transaction
  4. Decide way to make/accept the payment
  5. Explain the Users what content they will get, how frequently
  6. Explain Exit strategy very well (Many sites lack this)


how to start blogging- wordpress videos

WordPress Videos Course

  There are may themes , plugins available on wordpress which can make your job fairly simple and easy. So design, though not quick but can be a relatively easier job for you , once you get acquainted with wordpress. 

Tip :- You can also create a simple membership system with aweber, through which you can send periodic newsletters

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