Types of blogs –Just Adsense Blogs

Yes, All blogging is information sharing only, whether it is blogging for money or otherwise. But in this article, I shall talk about blogs, which primarily earn through [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Google Adsense</p>” ]adsense[/wpTipWiz]. The most important factor what people see on this type of blog is not the ad but the relevance of the information. So gather & publishing up-to-date & accurate information is the key.

There are two parts in this process :-

  • Publishing Information
  • Displaying Adsense ads

How to get information ?

Primarily, a blog post is written , as I am writing this one. It can be called as an article too. So in the content itself the information is shared about the subject.

 5 main sources I recommend for information

  1. Write yourself

If you know the subject very well; the first source is YOU. I suggest you write posts, articles. Just   start writing as if you are sharing it with someone. Beauty of this self-publishing style is : There are no big norms to follow. You can just be natural with your own style throughout.

2. Outsource

 If you are not good at writing , you can hire some authors on the internet. You can get them written from them. Of course, at cost. You can get these people on websites like Elance, Guru etc. You will need to take a little care in hiring these people like :-

The material they supply should not be just a copy of something already present on the webFor this purpose, please see their history & feedback.

3. Use RSS Feeds

RSS is “Really Simple Syndication”. Let me explain the concept of this. Many blogs want you to read & share information , so they publish feeds, which is a direct URL, where all the articles you find at one single place. So subscribe to the posts & blogs you feel worth for your site subject. Then start reading, add a line or two or create your own version from those & share on your blog

4. Collect information from offline events

A lot of things keep on happening in the actual world around you. You can create an important article for people to know about it. For example, you my be aware of some exhibition, you may announce the dates and venue for people to be aware of that in advance.

5. Youtube Videos

There are enormous number of videos already there on youtube. What you can do is :-

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  • Search relevant videos
  • Watch them to the end
  • Gather the “Embed” link through “share” button
  • Write a short summary of what that video
  • Embed that on your article ( very easy-not technical at all)


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Displaying Adsense ads on adsense type of blogs  :-

Code to be pasted on adsense types of blogs

Don’t get scared- this is just a code to be just PASTED

Don’t get scared by the word “Code” . You are nothing to do but to paste a group of text called  as “Code” supplied by google adsense. When your account is approved by adsense, you automatically get this from them. You will be an adsense “publisher” then. So, once you place the code, your ads (ads from advertisers) start diplaying on your site.

Relevance of ads :-

You need not worry about this, as Google does that very smartly. Your job is to maintain the content quality. Google does not have a man sitting with a pen to edit, but they have softwares which smartly see the relevance of your content. Here comes the important of keywords. The more ‘searched” keywords , more chances for your site to appear in search & more people to see & ultimately click your ads.

Don’t be aggressive :-

As we learn this as a passive way of earning money, we tend to publish more ads on our site, at more places. But here there is a danger. It is ok, at the beginning , but can cost you your account. I have mentioned this in a separate article, kindly read that. It has happened to me & many. So, just follow the advise – Be optimistic, not aggressive.

Earning Potential :-

There are many blogs which solely earn from adsense. So there is surely a lot of potential in that. But the key is the quality of content. If you keep on creating & sharing good, relevant content; your will appear in search, resulting in clicks  —> money.

Do not focus on clicks :-

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There are many sites created on the net to optimize clicks. Just ignore them. Better you focus your attention on creating excellent content, your blog design, sharing ways etc.

Multiplication factor :-

This is not an arithmetical factor. Simply understand to make more money from creating more sites. When you have wordpress around you, the job is great & easy. This is multiplication.

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