Milind Parab…. A finance guy turned agropreneur

Milind Parab… An employee turned entrepreneur…

IMG_20150825_134437My schoolmate, Milind Parab, a commerce graduate, faced many challenges in life. After living a very safe and comfortable life in Canada, Dubai, this fellow ventured into the stock market, which crashed massively, Milind went to doldrums.

So much, that he had to sell off his best of the assets, leaving him with nothing left for himself and his family. On top of it, he was also left with a couple of credit cards and some bank loans which made his life further miserable.

Then his wife’s uncle, took his mentorship, who became his friend, philosopher and Guru. This great man suggested him to take the entrepreneurship way, to try out the “farming” way at their native place,  kankavli. Milind, had no option but to take this option.

Problem turned into opportunity

IMG_20150825_122345Life was not easy initially for Milind. He faced all the problems which a normal person would face when he decides becoming a farmer.  But milind , a courageous guy, did all the hardest things ever,now became a successful farmer.

Milind’s Vision

Basically, being a finance man, Milind ventured into 3 cash flows.

1. Short term cash flows

For this he actually grows and sells vegetables which generates quick cash for him.

2. Medium term cash flows

Cashew nuts and Mango farming, which offers 5-20 years ROI .

3. Long Term cash flows

Milind has invested into teak wood plantations. This move he secures his future generations and also established him as an agro expert.

Times were not easy in the beginning

Initially, a totally leyman in Agriculture , Milind had to start literally from scratch. He almost felt quitting the whole experiment at least 10 times; but his uncle, who was his mentor somehow managed to keep his spirits high enough to sustain in the experiment. Milind, did not even know what price the vegetables should be sold at, and he modestly accepts that he learnt it from the villagers and the trade itself. He has literally stood on the streets of Kankavli to sell his vegetable, he remembers.

Slowly , the times began to ease up a little..

IMG_20150825_114357Slowly, with Milind’s Rock Solid determination started to show the fruits. Slowly the Cashew crop , the vegetable sale started to show up so good results , that Milind’s Financial burden is almost over now. But still he prefers to live frugal. That’s the Mantra he says.

A Side (?) Benefit …..

Milind had border Diabetes , an was well maintaining it till 2008-9 ; however the financial pressures & tensions created so much stress in his life, that he had to take almost 3 injections daily for insulin. But after having shifted to kankavli, he was required to do all the physical work on the Farm. That STOPPED the usage of the injections totally, and that too in just 1 year. He gives credit to the physical work he carried out & what he still continues to do.

We discussed his story in length, which truly stands inspiring for anyone who really wants to shift from a civilian to a farmer.

Truly inspiring.