Why you need to buy your Domain Name yourself

Look at this small incidence

Recently , I asked a very close friend of mine, who has a Food Chain in Pune, with almost 45 franchise outlets, whether he has a Facebook Page. As usual, he said "Yes" , thinking what he was posting his updates was a Facebook "Page". In fact , it was nothing but a typical Facebook Personal Profile.

Facebook Page & Profile are 2 different things

So, I went further & explained him the difference, usage , advantages of a Facebook Page over a Profile when you post for Business. And we decided to create Facebook Page for their Company. While asking about the details , we came to know that he does not have a website ! Sensing the need , I made him realize that he also needs a website & the importance of that.

He looked little casual about it (as many offline traditional businessmen are) , had given the Website work to some of his friend , some 3 years ago (which is NOT active till now). Then we suggested him to get the work done , if not , please handover the Domain to him immediately , so that he can get it done through us or any other developer.

We checked the domain status

We checked the domain status

Meanwhile , we immediately checked the domain status. I mean....who owns that, if the domain is still active or for sale etc.  The domain was still active, and the same old friend of him was keeping it renewed year after year , without building a website on that. And was not transferring the Domain as well. Usually , it can be transferred by just a 1-click work.

Frankly speaking, it is not a difficult job for a layman like you and me. The Domain Selling companies have made the task very very easy. We usually buy our domains through Namecheap.com . Point is :- It's NOT a technical issue. Then whay he is doing this, GOD alone knows.

Lesson : Buy your Domains Yourself, Follow the 2 Steps process mentioned below


Visit Domain Seller's Site

As told, we use Namecheap.com , Search & Buy Domain


If hiring an outside designer ,

Give him the "Nameserver" Details. Nothing scary about it , its just a name , you need to copy paste it from the Domain Company & handover to your web designer. You usually get it from the "DNS settings".

The Advantage :-

  • Domain , which is a very crucial asset, remains with you, for ever
  • Changing over designers, can be very easy.
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