Some thoughts about how much money can you make blogging

When anyone is stepping on the blogging route, the first question will come to his mind, it had come to my mind as well :-

How much money can be made blogging ?

Look carefully- I am talking about “Making” money & not just “earning” money. There is a lot of shout around on the internet world always about Making Money. No one talks about realistic way of earning a respectable income by genuinely doing what he wants to. That is following one’s passion. Everywhere , you will see bombardment of posts about people making a lot of money, some people even publish ATM’s on their sites.

I do not mean, they do  not make money. But hardly some of them. The ones who consider this as professionally as a business, not sheer part-time work.they definitely make money.

Recently I visited a blog post , on which the blog author actually conducted a survey of bloggers, it says that an average blogger, if he spends 160 hours per month makes around 800 $ per month. Just read the blog post here :-


I do not suggest this to be taken as a land-mark , as me , myself “earning” more money than this. No doubt, I have designed a special team for this. But that does not mean that I am not following my passion. I am doing what I want to, and still earn a handsome income.

But as I have said, I shall be on a fast track , as I have established some methods now and soon I will be multiplying my ideas. And , I should also tell you about some very good bloggers , who are and have been making (must be) handsome money from blogging.

One of them is Spencer Haws , who said he was making some 10,000 $ from just adsense, and there are many. Of course he is not personally known to me though. I also have some contact with other bloggers whom I met during the [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>A Gathering of WordPress Bloggers, Developers etc</p>” ]Wordcamp[/wpTipWiz] , Pune. I learnt from one of them making some 15,000 INR ( 220 $) by spending 10 hours per week. Other guy had 4-5 blogs was making around 50,000 INR ( 800 $) monthly by spending 100 hours monthly. Talking about me, as on today, I make same amount.

Tip : WordPress is an Open Source software offering FREE platform for self hosted blogs. This blog is also created through wordpress.

The money “Making” process will not just come from the blogging process. You learn the Internet Marketing techniques & start getting on the fast-track. That is creating many sites with WordPress , having different , new , innovative ideas.

My point is :

How much money can you make blogging is actually endless. As in any business, you will need to learn the techniques. That’s all.


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