Saying HBD is not networking, sorry!

Do you see this on your social wall?

“Happy Birthday!”

“Many happy returns of the Day!”

With the emergence of social media, these messages always get popped up every now and then. And we too, post similar message, probably with a smiley. And we feel very good, proud that we did some really good “Networking”. In fact, though it’s little better than not wishing, it’s not a very good form of networking.

Networking is making effective relations

Yes. It is making relations, nurturing them, meaningfully.  Now, having said this, how does it apply to a birthday or an anniversary occasion? I can suggest you to meet the person and wish him. But this is not possible if he is at a distance. But then why not make him a phone call at least?  It takes little effort  (and it should take), but your wishes really reach that person. Even if you remember it a little late, say the next day, still just pick up the phone and say him/her hello and wish personally. It does make a difference.  Just imagine how would you feel if someone calls you up on your birthday or anniversary?

A simple tool will help you.

All of us have a Google Calendar on our smart phones. Just create a new event on that with your contacts birthday or anniversary. In the type of event, make it a yearly repeating event, so you won’t be required to remember hence forth. Now, also set a reminder. Ideally, I set the event time to be bet 10-11 am. The idea is to call that contact before my work day starts. I usually do it from my vehicle, if I’m not driving. I don’t  Drive and use hired conveyance. So this is the liberty I get.

Any way, set the event time to be 10 am and two reminders. First, one hour prior, second 5 minutes prior. This suits me. You take your call. I prefer a pop up alert.

Problem is alertness

The problem is neither technology, nor willingness, but it is understanding importance of this small but effective activity and doing it alertly. I suggest, you start asking birthday and anniversary dates to every important contact, and updating your Google Calendar.

Come on, let’s start doing it from today!

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