Proper usage of QR code by innovation….

Villagers are True Innovators …!

Recently a teacher from Madha taluka of dist Solapur… Developed a simple application. 

QR Code Example

It exactly tells you how QR CODE is used effectively.

Balbharti is a famous text series book which every student in the remotest places in Maharashtra reads for studies. Mr Ranjitsigh Disle , a primary teacher from District School in Solapur District , Maharashtra has developed a fantastic Tutor Model on the basis of QR Code. He has connected technology with The lessons, poems etc. This Mobile Learning Model is currently in use with Kadamwasti Primary School in Village Parite, Tal Madha in Solapur, Maharashtra State.

He has developed this model with the help of another teacher at Venegaon , Mr Shivnath Bhujbal.

How to Use this ?

From Google Play Store, Download an App called “Neo Reader” It’s FREE.

Start the App from Mobile & Hold that on the QR Code provided on the Balbharti Book

Through the App, the Code is scanned & the information connected to that particular code is on your Mobile Screen. Great execution of available knowledge .

And look who is the developer. A small time villager from a very small, neglected village.

Truly, innovation has no monopoly……!

Hats off to all my Indian villagers!


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