Piku the Constipation Movie

Have you seen Piku ?

If you have watched Piku, the whole movie seems to be about Amitabh Bachchan & his constipation only. Irfaan , Deepika , even Amitabh is not the real hero, but it’s Constipation. Throghout the movie the Father Amitabh Bachchan is continuously talking about constipation, constipation & constipation only, nothing else.

Is Constipation that serious an issue ?

Yes, it looks like. They claim 80% of the root cause of diseases is Constipation only. According to Dr Rajesh Sainani , It is surely a product of Life Style alterations .

  • Not giving sufficient time in Morning
  • Huge queues in the typical chawl systems
  • Late night dinners
  • 2 hours sleeping after dinner not possible
  • No Fiber Intake

These can be some of the reasons.So the Stomach is not clear and day goes boring & uneasy.

What can be done ?

  • Take simple measures at the beginning.
  • Try Indian Toilets in place of western.
  • If not available, take two small stands below each of your leg, so that the knee is lifter over the  waist , then some muscles get relaxed in the stomach. Thus the stool comes out from intestine.
  • Increase your Fiber Intake. Instead of fruit juices, eat fibrous fruits. Carrot , Cabbage like fibrous vegetables will help push the stool further.
  • Increase the Water Intake per day.
  • Increase physical movements throughout the day , at regular intervals
  • If the trouble is more, try enema, you can also do it at house.
  • Enema not advisable in case of piles etc.

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