Nothing is Free … There can be a catch.. Keep in Mind even when you are Blogging

“Believe in GOD , but lock your car !”

Sadeep SonisSounds like a “Guru” slogan; right ? But this was said by one of my close friends ..Sandeep Sonis, who runs his Spoken English Classes in Pune. We have been quite close while discussing on many soft issues while living this life. He was referring to a situation , where people usually take realistic advices as “Negative” or “Discouraging” thoughts.

What he simply meant was …”No harm crossing your limits, but keep a fall-back plan ready if can be done very easily”

Sandeep, please correct me , if I am wrong.

Same Applies to you when you are Blogging for Money

Same applied to your Blogging Life as well. When you start Blogging, you come across many sites, many tools, many softwares. Many of them are entirely FREE. Some of them for the initial month, or so on. But there is some option for you to upgrade always. If not, they may be willing to offer you something. No problem, you might feel. Many of us argue :- “Let’s use the free service for 30 days trial period , what’s the problem”, right ? Absolutely no problem.

This is is “Believe in GOD”

Now let’s look at “Lock your Car” …..

What I do is :-

1.Will only signup if I really feel it worth while for my this stage.

2. Signup to the trial period (With my “Paypal” preferrably). I avoid signup sites with my credit card. Not that I fear, but it’s not as friendly as paypal which offers straight away to cancel future scheduled payments.

[There is always exceptions to Rules. Rather a Rule is proved with an exception. Aweber is one site which I use extensively for my email marketing campaigns. They too offer 1 $ trial for 1 month.Sadly , they don’t work with paypal (don’t know why) and only accept payment through a Credit Card. But they are very friendly with cancellation of their plans. Use their chat service to disactivate the recurring payment from their control panel itself. You (mostly) won’t need to contact your credit card vendor to do so. Still a double check is always welcome]

3. I actually use the service without cancelling recurring payments for ..say 15 days.

4. I set up an alert on email through Google Calender. So that on 15 th day I receive an alert. On that day I really have completed my analysis & in a position to decide whether or not to go with the paid plan. If it is worthwhile , I DO continue. But if not, I shall take steps to cancel the subscription.

(Even setting a Filter with Gmail & Applying a label will be a better idea. click to use some free tools within gmail )

5. For Paypal , just go to Profile —> My Money—-> Recurring Payments —View the payment which you want to cancel & take action. This article may help you for this :-


6. For Credit Card , you may need to contact them and get it done on a request. But don’t delay this. As the vendor has set automatic renewals , so your account gets debitted without your permission (in fact you have agreed for a “Smart” document initially itself.

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