New interesting features on Google My Business !

Google My Business – Another Micro Blogging Platform ?

If you have checked the latest features on Google My Business, you will agree with me. Today’s Google My Business is much more different than what it was a year back. And it is changing very fast. The sheer map listing website is turning out to be a micro blogging platform, it seems.

Now, you can add posts to Google My Business



Yes, like blogs, you can add posts to Google My Business. The limit is 300 words. It clearly means that the posts should be short & sweet. A no nonsense business. But it has a great advantage. They appear within your Google My Business listing. A great advantage to a local or erstwhile marketer. The posts have a special button to convert itself into an event, which can be straight away taken to your link. Moreover, one can also see how many people watched the posts as well…!

Reviews work the best !

If you are still not taking Google My Business seriously; you are making a mistake. It’s google to which people ultimately land before decision making. Here , in search , the local Google My Business listings will always show up. And they will score above the other ads (yes, the paid ads too). At least for now, Google is offering a great prominence to these listings. As Google makes most of the money from offering ad positions, this can change any time, without notice.


Already with Adwords Express, google has already started with paid Google My Business Ads. Reviews is the final conversion factor through which you actually turn all your efforts into an actual sale maybe. Because you are displaying your reputation. Your credibility to the world & the possible buyer. Do keep “reviews” as your evergreen marketing strategy.




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