If you decide; can you really make money blogging ?

I was talking to one of my close friends , just to tell him to start blogging & was telling him the ways one can make money by blogging , the first question he asked me was :

Can you Really make money blogging ?

The thrust was on the word “REALLY

The second question he asked was :-

Do You (me) really make money blogging ?

This time, it was word You (me)

The straight answer to these questions is :YES. But frankly speaking , I have “YES” to the second question , today. But I was not making money blogging that time. I felt a bit distressed that time , but later on , after spending time with myself , I really thanked my friend for bringing me on right path. Because, I was requesting him to let me introduce my blogging methods to his students (he teaches spoken english). And very rightfully, he cautioned me in other words ” Please tell my students to make money blogging, if YOU (me) are successfully doing that”

But the truth is : TODAY I am making money blogging.But it has come with but with right methods, right strategies & most important, with proper education. I learned with a lot of bumps on the way, failing many times. But I won’t advise you to copy me here. My suggestion to you ,as Robert Kiyosaki puts it : Get Educated first or invest in education.

I do agree , there are many courses who teach digital marketing or internet marketing or online marketing, but you will need to apply whatever you learnt properly in making you money.

[addsomebling_box bling_pack=”bling_boxes” item=”bbx_blueglow”]Decide to learn –> Make Mistakes –> Learn from Mistakes –> Learn to earn –> Earn –> Clone the methods (Multiply) –> Make money [/addsomebling_box]

In fact , I have discussed the ways of how people make money blogging in an other article. So here I shall strictly focus all of my attention on “How can you really make money blogging” and guide you to take you on the actual Money “Making” path.

At very first , let me take you out of some myths & make some statements :-

  1. This is not Rocket science, so don’t expect results right away.
  2. You may fail initially. I mean, in the testing phase, you may decide some strategy, it may not work. Then what will you need ? Persistence & very strong belief in yourself & your way.But if you continue, you will find some other way , ultimately the battle is yours.
  3. One day, you will find a strategy working for you. Then you will need FOCUS.
  4. There is some money required though not big; but it needs money. I mean remove the assumption from your mind : “Internet = FREE.”
  5. It needs more time in the beginning, very good amount of time. I remember having sat in the internet café ( I did not have my own computer also at that time at home). This is the biggest investment. TIME.
  6. Automation is the key to success. You will need to master the automation technique (Using softwares to carry routine jobs )
  7. Finally you also work with a team. Everything is not expected to be done by you. Build a team of Employees, part-time employees, softwares , your computer system etc.

Now once you know this, the work becomes clearer & brings you nearer to a complete understanding :-

This is a serious business & once I master the techniques, can make me money very very fast.

But this “very fast” is after you master the techniques. And just one thing which is required to master the techniques is :- PATIENCE. A  strong belief in what you are doing will bring patience. Do read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad & Cash Flow Quadrant.

Having built this mindset, now you just need right strategy, right tools & right methods. Do enormous testing, testing, testing. One day you will find the light on the other side of the road. I mean , you will find a way working for you. The copying that.

What to do exactly ?

  1. Decide what you have expertise in
  2. Create Content , if possible, sort that by categories (Think like a book & chapters)
  3. Research the affiliate networks or decide how can you convert your knowledge on the expertise into information product.
  4. Promote through Social Media , Paid advertisement or personal contacts.
  5. Keep on distributing the content
  6. Decide daily schedules for this work.
  7. Focus on just “Doing” this , DO NOT look at the results first.

Once you start getting some success with one of the strategies , then the next job is to create another site. Another  subject . Same or similar, working strategy. This is the multiplication path. The “Make Money” path.

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