How to take care of bones after 40

After 40 the bones start deteriorating .so they do not contribute to overall health function resulting in knee problems in women & muscular pain or back pain in case of men.

What to do?

(1) Regular Exercise –

  • These will straight the bones to deliver the ingested calcium to every bone.

(2) Go out in sun light-

  • Sun light gives rich ‘D’ Vitamin necessary for bone growth .So go out in the morning sun light between 8 to 9 am.

What not to do?

  1.  Eating Extra Salt- Salt draws out calcium from bones.
  2. Take in tea & coffee. Tea contains tannin & coffee contains caffeine. Which reduced the calcium contain the body.
  3. Drinking Alcohol + cold drinks. Alcohol reduces calcium & cold drinks contain phosphorus more .If taken together disturb the balance to make bones week.
  4. Consuming excess protein & fiber .This will create obstacles in the way of accepting calcium.








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