How to Start Blogging – Self Hosted way

How to Start Blogging – Self Hosted way – On your own domain

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Starting out with the [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine clickthru= inltext=”<p>Click here to know about using free blogging platforms</p>” ]Free Blogging Platforms like wordpress & Blogger[/wpTipWiz] is surely an excellent start for you to roll your hands, but surely , not a permanent way. Rather, I would say, you try to learn fast from it and come on the highway. What is it ?

Having own Domain Name

Buy Domains from  Well you have well understood the [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p><strong>Domain Name is the Name of your online content OR the address of your online location, where people can find your content</strong></p>” ]concept of Domain Name[/wpTipWiz] by now. The domain name when you go to these free platforms , is not a direct domain , but called as a “[wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>It is as good as having your small shop inside someone else&#39;s; It is <strong>NOT YOUR OWN SHOP</strong></p>” ]sub-domain[/wpTipWiz]” , as it is with an extension of or . So, in short it is still not YOUR domain. So , to come to the main stream, you need to have your own domain. So that, the site you create on that will have a web address like :- , instead of or .

Domain names have to be procured from Domain Name Providers. There are many for this. I use Namecheap as the domain name provider.

You know the site creation tools etc , were supplied by blogger or when you had created free blogs there. They won’t be useful over here now. You will need to create your site yourself. offers you  FREE site building tools. You can create your site with an ease & in minutes. It is very easy to get wordpress’s software. But let me take you little further. You will need a space on the web to store the website files you have created, right ? That space is called as hosting. So, you will need some hosting space for the site. The Hosting service from where you will buy the hosting space are called hosting providers. I personally use hostgator, however there are plenty of them available in the market. The major reason behind going for hostgator is again :- the service support they provide.

Tip : If your site is India specific, you can try their India Hosting plan , otherwise can go for their international (US) plans. When I started, they did not have India Site, so I have just continued with the Hostgator US site

Website (Blog Creation)

This will not be the same as your earlier blog, a little different. You will need to use the wordpress software for this. Here comes the hosting service’s importance. Whenever you buy hosting, just confirm whether they provide wordpress. If they do, you can go for that safely.

Once you buy the hosting, there is some simple procedure to be followed for The wordpress software installation, which with a little practice becomes a 5 minute job and you find your website (Blog) will be ready.

Design and Customization of the Blog

Start with some [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Themes for designing the website</p>” ]free themes[/wpTipWiz] given , customize the looks.But most important are the plugins, which are nothing but 3rd party soft wares which can be installed on your blog for FREE (of course paid too) which take care of many functions. You will be amazed by this, I assure. The next important thing will be the widgets , which are movable boxed objects, which can be placed on your site in the side bars. They can be led to take any action, i.e. link to your sales pages or affiliate products you are selling or anything absolutely.

how to start blogging- wordpress videos  You can get a lot of stuff on the internet or can buy WordPress Training Videos which is a set of videos to design & customize your blog quickly. We have compiled the video set so that you get all information at 1 single place. Not only that, once you buy the videos, we too help you from our side if you get stuck up at some place.

Tips :-

Be patient. This is new learning in your life. If you commit mistakes, you assume that you are on the right path, right track. If you DO NOT make mistakes, assume you are NOT moving further.Sounds funny ? Not actually. He , who takes a different route may fail. He, who does not, never. Decide what you want to be.

Don’t worry, it’s not always failure. With repeated attempts, you will master this wordpress things and then the actual thing, will come…the multiplication path.

What’s this multiplication path ?

See, once you get yourself right on this, upto this point, you can clone this method for any number of ideas & create multiple websites to shift yourself from earning to making money.

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