How to make money blogging from home or from any place ?

Finding out and deciding how to make money blogging from home

Well, when first I learnt about blogging, 2 things fascinated me the most were :-

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  • I can work in my flexible timings
  • I can work from any location absolutely


I remember when this “Khul-Ja-Sim-Sim” Internet opened its doors in my life, I was hungry reading articles on almost on every subject concerning to money making from the internet. Most of these articles were written by Americans, as it is still used the most over there. But there were Indians, Pilipinos , Chinese, Kenyans, almost all from many countries including some from the Arab World also.  I observed that people from all religions, all time zones keep commenting on those, and express their opinions openly. Another thing I observed was these were posted mostly from their homes, travel destinations etc. Most of them were either retired people, housewives . Most of them were working from home, at least they were blogging from home, one can say.

But where was the money in this ?

But these may be people blogging for fun, my mind said, so I continued my search for people who either make or in search of how to make money blogging from home like me. Initially I went for the “make money from internet” type pushy sites , I also remember having visited a few of those kind of sites as well, showing ATM on the beach, or Dollar notes flowing like wind on the Alps or person with a glass of wine in his hand & a pc on his lap (laptop) etc. But very quickly I learnt two things :-

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  • This is not (the ATM etc) what I am looking for


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  • I wanted a steady way , though takes a little time, which can free me up from my daily mess of going to the workplace, commuting, traffic jams etc.


So , then the filtering was easier , and I can tell you I found not 100s , but literally 1000s of blogs which are making money & they were run by an army of 1-2 or at the most 3 people. All of them work from home or are location free. So this actually affirmed my belief :-

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Are you a mother having left your career for your child and feel you are thrown out of the field ?

Not exactly.  You will never say this again , even to yourself, if you learn & decide to make blogging as your career. In fact, you have the largest asset , that is :- TIME. I do agree, the child needs the most attention; but believe me, the blogging for money occupation also needs TIME at the beginning, not much, daily 2 hours maximum. But focused to purpose.

So irrespective whether you are a housewife , or a retired manager or a fed-up technocrat; your new “Blogging from Home for Money” occupation will demand for these steps to be followed :-

  1. Deciding what can you share with people , who are looking for help or solutions. This will be naturally your field of speciality or your love in which you know something.
  2. searching forums on how to make money blogging from home

    Search Forums on Google

    Start on researching blogs or forums on your subject. For example,  if you love trekking ; type in google like : forums : trekking. Spend time with the resulting blogs, forums. Start commenting . More important :- understand what people are looking for. If possible, list down the findings in a separate file. Do this for 4-5 days, spending 2-3 hours daily.

  3. Now sit with the findings. Look. You have to carve a way to create a money stream from that. To generate an idea out of this. You can create a simple information site to show advertisements or create an information product from your knowledge or can decide to sell something physical  , but through your website/blog. Or if you are comfortable, can take freelance writer work for others. The choice is yours.

To conclude , this will be the first position on your learning curve , but very important , as this creates the foundation for your Blogging for money business.

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