How to improve our Email Open Rates

What is this “Email Open Rate” by the way ?

Another Jargon coming your way ? Looks like. In fact Email Open Rate is nothing but the rate at which number of your emails getting opened up by the receivers (whom we have sent emails) compared to the number of them which have been sent.

For example, if I create an email introduction about one of services or one of my products & send it across to say 50 people in a group, and out of that suppose 10 people open that email , the Open rate will be 10/50 , it is 20 %.

Is “Email Open Rate” so important ?

So it is always beneficial on our (sender) part to see that the Open Rate increases. This way , the chances of conversion increase. Because ultimately , at the sender’s desk we are sitting eagerly to get a response back like a Phone Call or may be an email, isn’t it ?

I don’t know what happens when people share their product information with 1000s or even 100s of unknown people (popularly called as bulk emailing or mass mailing) , but here is the summary of what do I do to see to it that receiver does open my email :-

  1. I will try to be as simple as possible in the script.
  2. I will avoid big, jargon words ,by which my audience may feel “this is not for me
  3. I will use big ( Not Huge) font wherever possible.No Bold, Underlines.
  4. I restrict the length my email to the screen size only.
  5. In that ,I will try to (not always) insert a picture (which will talk what problem my product or service is catering to & not the brochure).
  6. I will also insert the webpage link (if exists) of the product.
  7. The email will still have attachments which might consist the Brochure PDF or a simple plain text attachment.
  8. If you already have PPT on Slideshare , Video on Youtube etc , not a bad idea to insert the links to them.
  9. PPT (if less than 1-2 MB) can be attached inside the mail but avoid sending Videos as it takes longer to open them.
  10. I always use Signature Utility (works best in gmail).

Top important Things

After composing my email “Body” (The real “message”I wish to convey across) , I spend a lot of time on creating the SUBJECT of the email. It is the Subject which flashes in front of the opener in his inbox prior to everything. In the subject , I always talk in least possible words about :

  1. What the message is about
  2. My name : from whom the message has arrived from (It gets lost otherwise)

Most Important

Even after doing this , don’t please expect everyone to go and “Open” your email. First of all , it’s your shop through which you are sending the email feeling that the information is very important for the receiver. Still , it’s perfectly alright if he or she ( the receiver) does not open that at all . He might not be feeling that it’s important to him. I don’t say you don’t create the whole email keeping in mind that they will open it, but don’t just sit back expecting to see the results.This builds unnecessary anxiety, and if suppose you still don’t get good amount of results , your motivation will decrease. Instead , just focus on what you wish to do & concentrate on other work.

Email Open Rate Increase (It will increase) is not a one day phenomenon. It takes time & dedication to deliver the best & precise on a repetitive basis.

Finally,I would welcome your thoughts on this aspect in form of comments


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