How to earn a living by Blogging for money ?

Blogging for Money

I have really avoided the word “Making Money” with blogging. The word really does something else in a pure mind. I wanted money as a means to my living. So to live I needed Money, so I called it earning to make a living. It depends upon you how much to earn & what kind of life you want to live. But there are people in the world who really make money. For you & me, let me share with you how one can earn money while blogging.

  1. Writing content for others

If you love writing, good at it, can write content for others. People are in search of good writers. You can approach many website owners or SEO companies who are constantly on the look-out for them.

2. Adsense

This is a very popular way. You can create a Blog , publish your own written content , publish ads given by google. When people click , you earn some money. This is the concept. Adsense is a FREE program to join by google. You get a simple code which needs to be pasted on your site (simple process). The Money does not come that simply though. But with good understanding, you CAN make good money. There are millions of sites dedicated to adsense earnings.

3. Selling Affiliate Products

There are many digital products in the internet world like Ebooks, courses, Video Courses, or many physical products also, who are willing to partner with you. You have to promote their products through your website or email list or facebook profile etc. They issue you a special link. Some of them issue you all the tools also like banners, email swipe copies, articles etc. When you sell the products through that link, you get commission. The commission gets directly deposited into your account. Amazon is a very popular site selling physical products whereas Clickbank is a site selling Digital Products. They have thousands of vendors who are looking for affiliates selling their products.

4. Selling own digital or Physical products

There are many forums on the internet. You can participate on those, answer people’s questions, provide answers to their problems etc. This way you establish yourself as an expert in your field. This will ultimately help you sell your own stuff.

5.Combine various money streams on a single blog

For example, if you love travelling, you can combine the adsense , physical products sales like camping equipment, cameras etc , digital goods like some travel guides etc. It is very popularly called as “Internet Marketing” or “Digital Marketing” or “Online Marketing”.

What you need to do is : Create a site (blog) , publish some good content & distribute the content to people. When people visit your site, they will no doubt read your content and if they like may click on one of the google ads, which may ad some cents (if not dollars) to your pocket. Also you have chances to sell the digital & physical Goods. This is in most practical terms can be called as Blogging for Money

How much is the potential of earning ?

This answer can be “Sky is the limit” or “Not at all”. Simply because there are people who make enormous amount by selling ,and also who do not earn a single dollar for years. But to be realistic , if you do this whole thing as a serious “business activity” , the potential is literally endless. Of course it takes time, and some money (though not very high) to reach there. But the most important is the TIME.

What are the typical commissions ?

Physical Goods Exchange sites like amazon or Flipkart offer you commissions on and average 5-10 % on sale. Whereas digital products like clickbank offer you 50-75 % . Physical products take some time to get delivered, some inventory needs to get handled & thus the commissions are less whereas in Digital Goods , there is no “Logistic” involved, usually they are delivered through email.





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