How to Compress Large Video Files shot by DSLR Camera ?

The Idea

Recently, during a training session, I had requested my daughters, one of them would actually shoot the review of the session with her DSLR camera, and the other would be actually interviewing the participant. The Idea was to take these reviews on YouTube and ultimately on Revbay, a special review site we use for better Google Ranking and Social Sharing. We also wanted to use them to share on the Broadcast List which we created on whatsapp for the session. If you are not aware, a Broadcast List is very much different than a Whatsapp group. Mainly, whatever you are posting goes to the contact in an individual message rather than getting lost in reactive whatsapp streams.

Here came the problem !

Both the girls did their jobs excellently and handed us over the files. I watched the videos. The quality was amazing, I was very happy with that. Excited, I went just check the size of the videos, and found that the size was too big. For example, it was 250 MB+ for a 45 second Video. It would have taken quite a time not only for uploading on YouTube, but also to buffer, which might loose the interest of the viewer. For whatsapp, it was out of question. Now What?

Here comes the Solution !

Uncle google is always there for help. I just googled my exact problem like “How do I compress my large video file”, which I always do & went to blog posts or articles rather than the company pages or sites. Blogs or articles actually share the problems & solutions rather than just promoting their products. So on one of the articles, I saw the video of a tool called “Handbrake”. It was available from open source, for FREE ( I am little skeptical about those free things ). I downloaded; it did not ask me my email ID, name, nothing. I just uploaded my videos one by one, and the results were amazing!

For example the video of 250+ MB which I was referring was compressed to 4 MB. Wow! So I can not only upload it to YouTube now, but also can share on Whatsapp! Not much work involved. Upload the Video File on the “Source” Tab, then Name the “Destination” location, in the bottom tabs; just don’t touch any other tab than “Video”. I adjusted the quality and found that “35” is an acceptable number to me. Here, you can experiment & decide your own acceptable standard.

Optimization Tips:-

YouTube :

The videos were uploaded on YouTube.  Not to mention, we actually transcript whatever people said and created annotations, to make the videos more engaging. Then we also used Good Titles for better search results and a good description with search tags & a link, where people can come to our future info sessions & other products.

Google :

Then was the part on Revbay. We uploaded these videos  on revbay, added description. Here too, we used good keywords for better optimization. See how it looks on Revbay.

Social :

Nothing else to do, revbay takes care of this as well! It has sharing buttons. We used One click share to all Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Accounts. At times, we also prefer using One by One if we think that the stuff looks too spammy. As discussed, we also shared these videos on whatsapp.

Look at the Videos here:


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