Google Maps and concerned Apps

 Have you ever went on a trip with your group and found one of your friend missing?

Typically  we try to call him. Try to remember which way he has gone.

There is an app called “triber” which helps you find out the lost friends.

Obviously, your lost friends and you both should have the app installed on their mobiles, and moreover, there should be a stable internet connection. But for God’s sake, if there is a connection and phones in both the users, why the hell you Search on internet unless you’re an addict? You will just call the guy, right?

But yes, there can be further uses like… If the places are unknown to you,then you can find out the distance etc.

But I seriously don’t think this is a much really USEFUL app.

The technology used in this will surely be Google Maps and GPS satellite. So can be called as a usage service connected to the Google Maps truly.

Many emergency apps are available

However there are many emergency apps are already available on the Android play store. Many of such will be useful in such case of an emergency communication.

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