Does Blogging for Business require a strategy ?

You need a strategy even if you are Blogging for Business

So, if you decide to do Blogging for Business ; it may not be like “let’s start writing articles” and done. It needs a strategy.

What points to consider if you decide Blogging for Business ?

In fact, irrespective of what you do for your business, it calls for a strategy. Strategy is nothing but deciding what to do to get what you want. So, when it is Blogging for Business, you need to align all your deeds and actions in the direction of what goals you have set. But these can be the bullet points you can consider to decide a strategy :-

5 points to decide a “Blogging for Business” Strategy :-

  1. What is the Goal for the time frame ?
  2. What will be the time frame you expect the Goal to be achieved
  3. What will be the products/ services you wish to focus to sell
  4. What are the keywords by which people search them
  5. What are the problems you will solve with the help of these products for people

Once you decide this in advance, you will come to know on which topics you shall write articles on your Blog. Once your strategy is ready, you can decide your Blog Calendar for publishing.

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