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Affiliate Products Type of Blog

Learn Affiliate Type of Blog Marketing It may so happen that , you read , collect information & decide to do blogging for money . The own  product selling method may fascinate you. And you also have some love & passion in some of the subjects. You also have reasonable writing skills. But then you discover that, you DO NOT HAVE any product or service of your own to sell.



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Don’t worry. There are 1000s of products available on the internet (if not millions) which are looking for people like you to sell. On the contrary they also offer you good commissions if you establish a sale. These products are called as Affiliate products. And the marketing method is called as Affiliate Marketing.

How do you create this type of blog ?

The methods are not different than creation of a regular wordpress blog. Same process: Domain-hosting-Wordpress-design-promote. If you remember, in adsense , you get a code from Google which needs to be pasted on your desired location; similar process is to be followed here , the affiliate products seller offers you some sort of code OR product images may be , and the your only specific link. That needs to get inserted on the desired place on your post/page/widget etc.

How do you make money with the affiliate type of Blog ?

When someone buys from your link, your account gets credited with whatever commission is assigned to that particular product. It depends upon the Mediator site , what type of account you have. But usually, better to have a Paypal Account to accept international payments. If the commission is paid to your paypal account , it’s transferred to your local Bank Account within a week’s time.

Which kind of products you can sell through the affiliate type blog ?

Physical & Digital Products. For physical products Amazon is the major site. Amazon is the major site present all over the world. So you can establish your business all over world with amazon. It has recently been launched in India from July 2013. Flipkart is another site which is already present in India & is very popular. If you talk about Digital Products , clickbank is the largest site offering digital products. The commission in Digital products is more , delivery is faster & realization of the commission into your account is also faster due to the nature of the product , I mean there is no handling as it is in physical products.

How many products can you sell with affiliate type blog ?

Actually, endless. But that is not realistic. Ideally you should restrict yourself to the field of your interest, knowledge, and should select products from that particular niche only, preferably used by you or by someone whose opinion you can count on. Naturally this restricts the products. But that’s okay. As you get along well in this Blogging lifestyle, you will acquire all those necessary skillsets to do this quick and fast.



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