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I had heard the word “Niche” some years back, but not as frequently as I hear nowadays on the internet , particularly from when I have started Blogging for Money in the online world. Let’s see what is a “Niche” first .

What is a Niche ?

When I looked for the actual meaning of this word, I got these meanings :-

  1. Fine Arts :- A shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament.
  2. Occupation :- a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.
  3. Business :- relating to or aimed at a small specialized group or market
  4. Ecology :- the role of a plant or animal within its community and habitat, which determines its activities, relationships with other organisms, etc.

These were the major ones I found out. Just keep more attention on the 3 rd one.

Keeping it simple, a niche is a speciality kind of audience or people who are interested in your subject. So better are the chances of converting them into buyers, which is the sole purpose of your Blogging for money choice. If you are interested in knowing the correct meaning of niche or niche marketing; please google on “Niche” or “Meaning of Niche”. Otherwise use Therasus or Wikipedia.For our purpose, let me explain you the meaning of niche blogging or Niche types of Blogs.

What are the Niche types of Blogs ?

It is creating blogs on some specific subjects for those very specific kind of people are looking for information. Then you can sell some products meant for that market. Or can sell your services or simply publish adsense ads, sell affiliate products etc.

What is the advantage in Niche type of blogs ?

As there are not many people looking out for these subjects, not much material may be available (content) on the internet. So you have better chances to target this market to get your site on top of the search engines. So you have better chances of getting sales.

Disadvantage ?

May be you can sell lesser number as the market is limited. May be limited to certain geographical area or community etc.

Still, how can one “Make Money” in this ?

The idea is NOT having a single niche-à single site. But to identify newer & newer subject (niches) people are looking for, creating sites & content for that niche, monetizing the site. The more sites you create , the more money. Same- Multiplication funda.

How to find niches ?

Though there may be many ways of doing this ; But as we have chosen Blogging for money , sharing valuable information remains the top focus for us. So keep in mind that whatever niche we choose, we shall need to create valuable, fresh content for that on our blog. Though it is not difficult at all, it may be challenging to keep yourself away from the temptation of using duplicate content, article spinning kind of software, hiring cheap, low quality writers etc. Cheap things prove to be expensive.

Anyway, let’s discuss how to find a niche.

Within You

Keep looking around your knowledge, information, skills you possess. There are always some special skills which just YOU have better than others. Simple way to find this is paying attention or remembering some incidents when people have complimented you about some of your abilities. May be extra ordinary, Your only way of handling child issues, or the way you explain a mechanism of a machine, or your very taste of preparing coffee. Find this within you.

Around you

Keep looking around for people. What they talk, what they discuss, more particularly- what they buy. Their habits, there decision triggers. Their resources. The places they buy. Are these super markets or a vegetable market or the grocery shop or online ? Find out.

Look for questions

Your content will be highest regarded when you provide answer to a PROBLEM. And a problem is actually an unresolved QUESTION for a human being. So look out for questions. The more questions you hear, more niches you find. You can also refer some online sites like Yahoo Answers where people ask questions.

Tip :- Focus on quality questions, ignore the spammy ones.

 So, what next ?

Fairly straight, simple. [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine clickthru= inltext=”<p>Join FREE <strong>Online Marketing Course</strong></p>” ]Decide your niche, buy domain, create blog, promote, make money[/wpTipWiz]. What else ? Find more niches, build more sites, multiply, that’s it. A small tip here :- DO NOT build more than 1 site at a time. Focus just on 1 niche, one site, 1 task at a time. Don’t worry, there IS an opportunity always.

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