Saswad … a very near destination for One Day travellers near Pune

Saswad … a temple town

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, Saswad , a very small yet very eventful town near Pune can really be called as a “Temple Town”. Agreed , it does not have as many temples Badami or Hampi has. Rather, it has main 5 Temples, all of Lord Shiva. Let me remember & name them here :-

Changa Wateshwar , Siddheshwar , Sangameshwar , Pandeshwar & Kubleshwar .

Did you know that whatever temple name which ends with “shwar” , means that the temple is of Lord Shiva ? Lord Shiva Temples have two things in them for sure.

1. The “Pindi”  &  2. The “Nandi”

The Pindi is the Linga of Shiva & Nandi is the Bullock which is always situated at the very entrance of all shiva temples. Coming back to Saswad, I did not visit all of them, but have visited Pandeshwar in past. Pandeshwar is near Jejuri in fact , which is approximately some 17 Kms from Saswad. Famous for the Khandoba Temple situated on a small hillock. But I am talking about Pandeshwar. It is again 3-4 Kms from Jejuri.

But the other 2 temples I visited were the Sangameshwar & the Changa Wateshwar. Both are exactly similar in structure , layout etc. It looks like as if ,there was a factory and bothe temples were made at that. Just look at them.

In fact it reminded me of one more temple near Baramati, some 70 kms from Saswad. The temple is called “Shirsuphal” It is also a bigger temple that these, but similar one.

How to go ?

By Own Vehicle :

1) Route 1 :-Come upto Hadapsar —> Baramati Road—-> Dive Ghat —-> Saswad

( Best if coming from Pune Station)

2) Route 2 :- From Kondhwa —-> Vadki—–> Dive Ghat & then same as above ( Best if coming from Market Yard)

3) Route 3 :- Katraj – Bopdev Ghat —–> Saswad (Least Crowded)

(Best if coming from Katraj Side)

By Public Transport :-

Come to Pune —-> Swargate S T Stand. Every 5-10 minutes, there is ST Bus or a PMT Bus for Saswad. Get down at Saswad. From Saswad ST Stand, you will get shared Auto Rickshaw to reach Changa Wateshwar. Locally it is called as “Wateshwar”. On return, you get Sangameshwar.

For Pandeshwar :-

By Own Vehicle :-

Get further towards Baramati Road. You get Jejuri. Futher to Jejuri , take the Morgaon Road, not the NIRA Road. Once you pass the Railway Bridge, Take a turn to left towards the Damn Malharsagar. Further to the Damn, you get Pandeshwar.

There are only select Buses for Pandeshwar. Just check the timings at Saswad Stand. Otherwise walk down from Jejuri, 3 Kms. Or hire local Auto etc.

Other Places you can combine with Saswad in a Single Day’s trip :-

  • Purandare Wada , Sopandeo Samadhi in Saswad itself.
  • Saswad —> Narayanpur —->  Balaji —> Khed Shiwapur —> Pune on return trip
  • Saswad —-> Bhuleshwar (Another Beautiful Temple) —> Yawat —Hadapsar—> Pune
  • Saswad —> Jejuri (Khandoba Temple) ——> Morgaon ( One of the Ashtavinayak Temples)—-> Pune

Last but not the least :-

There is a small tasty restaurant in Saswad City where you get very tasty Vadapav , and one tea stall which serves great Tea.

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