QR CODE… The marketing weapon

What’s a Q R code?

If you have come across some funny picture Image like this, it’s QR code. Meaning quick response code.


What’s the typical use of it ?

If you meet someone in travel and want him to take to your website, or facebook page, what you do normally?

1. Type your full URL in browser

2. Wait to Load


1. CREATE a QR code

2. Print it on your cards

3. Download QR scanner from Play store.

4. Point the mobile phone with the QR  code app.

5. You’re taken to your desired site without entering details.

How can it be useful for marketing?

List building is a tremendous technique in marketing. Once some one is on your email list, you can send him updates. To make him sign up, you can use the code to take to your sign up form from the questions QR code directly.

Does it cost?

Yes and no. Actually the code is free from many sites, but if you need to get it done, the implementation will cost. It’s one time charge, should not be heavy.

See this Sample Case Use

QR Code Usage Example

  • Download “Neo Scanner” on your Android Mobile from Google Play Store
  • Now Point out the Scanner to any of the QR Codes you see in the above image
  • In 5-10 seconds, you will be taken to the connected site to that, try it out !
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