Key Takeaways from the Meetup on Pune Digital Marketing Group 13th July 2014

Meetup Subject : Blogging

The [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine clickthru=Key Takeaways fom the Meetup on Pune Digital Marketing Group inltext=”<p><strong>Pune Digital Marketeers </strong>Meetup is held every fortnight. All enthusiasts are welcome.</p>” ]Meetup[/wpTipWiz] was held at the terrace of Blue Planet Info Solutions, Pune, Mayur Society. The place was very good , open, airy and being a Sunday morning, as usual , it’s very imformal. We were approximately 15-20 enthusiasts. Premanshu finally broke the ice though Arun Prabhudesai was very informal right from the beginning. I will avoid to write more about Arun, as he is a very prominent blogger in the country as of date.

Arun Prabhudesai on Blogging at Digital Marketeers Pune MeetupBut to brief , he is in the Online world since 1996, stays in Pune. He hates the concept of having a stationary office and has stopped operating from an office from last 3 years. He has a team and all his team members operate from homes. For communication, he believes in many of the platforms available over the internet. He humbly agrees his family does not like his “Much engagement with these platforms” ; but confesses “That’s how he is” !

The subject was today’s Meetup was : “Blogging” . I shall list down some key takeaways , point by point from whatever Arun shared :-

What’s the most important aspect of a Blog ?

It is the Blog-author. Content, design, structure, looks etc everything comes after. Blog is personal. It is about the person who writes it. Blog is the reflection of the person who writes that.

What should be considered while creating the Blog Content ?

Do not look at others, I mean what & how others are writing. Look at YOU and what YOU wish to share. Do not re-hatch the content. It’s no way useful. The readers are very smart & they will quickly understand that it’s not yours. Be original, creative. Be focused about for whom you are writing. If you are not a good writer, get the content done from a pro, but the idea for the content should be yours. The expression is more important in Blogging.

How should one Plan the content ?

Initially, when the blog is a baby, however keyword rich you make; it’s not going to rank on Google. Better focus on the content. Start like an offline activity. Start with writing articles considering your Local area , then expand to a bigger spectrum. For example , instead of writing article “how to choose a domain name” , you can create an article like “ Top 5 things a {city name} Businessman should consider while purchasing his first ever Domain Name”

Why Blogging ?

It looks like in the shout of Social Media Today, Blogging is left behind. But it’s not so. In fact , talking about India alone, Blogging is growing at a whooping 48% rate per annum. It’s way ahead of any other publicity like print media, advertising etc. Compared with Social Media :- When you upload anything on Facebook, they can do anything with it. In fact, they ARE doing. They may use YOUR content for advertising or some other purpose. But when you Blog, It’s YOU & YOURS. The ultimate beneficiary is you.

Blogging for Money

It is a well known fact, that ultimately most of the audience Blogs for Money. But there is no shortcut for this. Yes, you can monetize your blog with ads, selling your own products or such streams , but there is no option to good and original content. You can become a reviewer, content writer , or affiliate marketer to make full time money through blogging.

Finally we had good snacks (Wada-Pav) and called it a day. In all the meetup was very good & let’s keep it as a knowledge sharing platform.

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