BNI Meeting Checklist … Working Wonders for me !

Do you maintain a BNI Meeting Checklist ?

Every Week, I go and atend the BNI Meeting. Yes, I am sure I do remember all the best things I need to do at the BNI, but, seriously, I can’t always trust my memory. Someday, something slips out of mind. And then I regret, Why I don’t maintain a checklist ….!

Mind Maps

Then I decided to make use of my Mind Mapping Tool & created a checklist for my BNI Meeting. Here it is ….

Now, every meeting I have started to carry some sheets with me, make notes, and it has increased my participation in the BNI meeting to a great extent.

Next I also want to share a new Mind Map I created showing the popular principal BNI principle  : “What goes around, Comes around”

Another Mind Map I created , for making the 8-minutes presentation little easy. Please see & comment on that. You will find that a little complicated. But start the presentation Button , will be easier.

Mind Maps

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