BNI Pune Confluence 2014 … What an event it was ….!

What an Event of BNI Pune – East !

So , as Bharat & Atul had insisted, the first ever BNI Pune East event went on very very well. Yes, it had some routine hiccups, put just to mention, that’s all. Otherwise, the organization, management, punctuality, flow and everything was just superb, flawless. Congrats to the duo !

And how can I not mention the support team, who did their jobs extra ordinarily well ? As Bharat said during his thanksgiving speech, they really spent great amount of time for last month or so; some of them literally spent overnight at the venue. Kudos to all of them.

Networking begins !

IMG_20150109_140242Right from the beginning, from 2 PM, as we all BNIans do it well, everyone started gathering at the venue & started greeting each other and doing One to Ones ( This was the major attraction) in the waiting hall itself. In little less than 10 minutes the entry passes along with the coupons were issued to the participants & all were given special free time & space for the One to One special area. The area was showing a few member success stories over there.

BNI Pune Confluence 2015- Featuring my Success Story

I felt proud to see my story being featured over there. And as Bharat had told me, it really made an impact, many members approached me voluntarily to have one to one with me. Thanks to Bharat (how many times do I need to thank him, God knows).

The Exhibitor Stalls

Creative One to One Meetings at Oops ! I just forgot to mention about the small zigzag area carved over there befor entering the One to One Area. It was specially allotted to the stall holders. Some of them were very creative. I can’t forget to mention Mr Nitin Gokhale’s Stall here. He was displaying his cranes, and had created  a special cabin on that. Do you know what he used the cabin for ? right, to hold One to Ones. And he used to lift the cabin in the air ! Wow , what a creativity. I am sure he did enjoy some extra visibility through this. Kudos to you Nitin.

The Process Lab of BNI – One to One Area

Back to our One to One Area, many meetings were set well before the event if I’m not mistaken. Here again , the professionalism of the BNI was experienced. Due to some reason the app for fixing the One to Ones was pulled down (I’m sure Amol will quickly come out with a better version very shortly, Congrats for attempting this young man!). But All the members were very quickly sent an email wherein an excel sheet was sent to all with the Categories. The most important point was, the list was sent as text within the mail, so we were not required to open any attachment. Second best thing here was that all could very easily find the categories of the members to schedule one to ones.

Importance of the Filling Details on the BNI Connect :-

The idea was very simple :- You can spot a member, go to the BNI Connect Portal, find him, send him a reuest & finish. Yes, indeed simple the idea is. But I noticed very quickly (long back I have) that most of our BNI members have not filled in the details right way. Many of them incomplete.  Here , members, you are totally missing the boat. As Dr Misner says, you are giving a full page advertisement in the paper & not using even a single corner in that ! For God’s sake go out & complete that, immediately.

However, I could find another way to reach out to the interested (as I usually do)- I first noted the chapter the member belongs to, googled on that, got the members list & ultimately the contact number of the member. Then I sent an sms, called if I needed to (avoided whatsapp). As I remember, I did 4-5 One to One Meetings , looking forward to them to turn out into some sizable contacts which ultimately will turn into sizable business (for what we are here, right ?)

Now, it was the Show Time

Confluence 2015 Show at Bni PuneAt 5 pm, High Tea with light refreshments was served and immediately after that, the show started. It was hosted by the RJ anchor, Sangram Patil. He in his usual casual style, literally eased up the whole thing, and the guests were called on the stage. I remember Ms Poonalwala, Mr Pandit , Mr Chordia , others were also well famed (sorry for my ill-knowledge). Ms Poonawala officially inaugurated the Confluence’15 as open by lighting the “Deep”.

The Show & Awards

So, various chapters presented their acts on the stage and simultaneously the awards were presented.  Before that, BNI National Director, Niraj Shah, shared the BNI World, India & Finally BNI Pune Stats. It was very interesting to know how BNI contributes to the entrepreneurial growth. BNI India is now the fastest growing country in the world. BNI Pune too has grown more than 100 % for last couple of years (guys, I’m not a statistician). I could just relate an important point from Ms Poonawala’s speech that even she too came to know that there exists some organization in Pune , where genuine businessmen exchange referrals for each other and that too without a single rupee commission. She was also surprised that it is an International Organization. Friends, just to poke you – look what a great potential it has ! I mean, if  someone like Ms Poonawala feels fascinated about it, sure another businessman will, right ? So feel proud that you are a BNIan.

The awards were many for the best chapter, members, collective efforts , many , many. It was very fascinating to see at the energy of the Chapter members when they were awarded for some special achievements. I too, felt very proud that my efforts are on the right track as I won the award for Inviting Maximum Visitors in a single year. Thanks BNI, Atul,Bharat, and finally my Gems Chapter Members, without them, how can I be there ?

Home Work, Lessons

Finally, we had good dinner, and a small meet within our chapter members. We felt very positive as we have come out with some excellent targets for the coming year. I am sure every BNI Pune member must be feeling the positive energy within him/her.

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