Space … Space …. Space !

I need my space !

Don’t we hear this sentence every now and then ? At least I hear it often. “Give me my space” ; what the hell this “Space” is all about ? Space in general terms means empty land , empty vacuum , no man’s land, interval without anything. Applied to relations .. it means some pause to understand each other, and so on and so forth !

Is it so important ?

Should be. See the way we do things . One after the other. Always fixing , thinking about the next task in hand, the next target , next work. The word “Work” itself means something to do. But tell me, who doesn’t work ? Every living creature works. But its the work which happens for their daily living. For example a sparrow flies, A crow collects his food , a Dog smells , what more , a Lion too wanders for his prey. Do they work ? Appear to be working. But in fact , they do not work like we humans “Work”. They don’t work out of a constant misery like we humans do. The animals do rest when they do not work for their livelihood. We humans continuously work , one after other, normally. Let’s talk about a few exceptions.

Let’s study what our culture says …

Take any ethical thought. Working continuously has attracted so much praise , that we unconsciously get so much hooked to this “Working”hood , simply forget that there is something called “rest” or “time gap” or ….. “Space” in between. Yes, we do take rest; sometimes , but it’s again for Recreation. Not a real Rest or Space , in which we really do nothing. Have you ever practiced nothingness in a true sense ? I have been adventuring for so many years, have got some glimpse of it. As the famous saying by Oscar Wilde goes

“Who says nothing is impossible, I’ve been doing nothing for years!”

Even Bertrand Russell has said about “Idleness” in his writing so may times, this “Idleness” is often messed up with laziness. And what is laziness by the way ? It must be doing lesser compared to others. Or probably not doing those Money Making activities which the world seems to be fully drowned itself in doing. I call it “immersed”. From childhood we are taught lessons after lessons about the “Work is Worship” kinda culture. If Work is really worship, tell me will you please leave the God alone for some time. Not you, but at least let him have some space !! For his own sake !!

Why people Drink ? Smoke ?

What is smoking ? spending time without doing

What is drinking ? spending time without doing

People need some time from their work. This is the “Space” which has been talked about. Don’t we enjoy this space ? I remember at least during my childhood , my mother or father or my grandpa used to enjoy these Idle or lazy time like anything. He either used to go out into the market (for nothing) with a simple , small cotton bag in his hand, used to shop in the local market & used to come back, without fixing those great things in the world, which many people seem to be doing.

France finally cuts this work-holism !

With the internet revolution , emerged the “Work from Home” culture. Now it looks like a great freedom to employees when they choose the place to work from. Great , it seems; but not really so, when observed the continuous , round a clock engagement expected from these “Work From Home” executives. They are constantly on the job, without a “Space”. But at least , it has started with some countries like France , where a new law is in the making for this “Right to Disconnect” option for these people.

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