Food Facts

orangeOrange :

  • Full of A, B, C Vitamins.
  • Rich in Calcium & Iron.
  • 97 % water content.

Benefits :

(A) Skin :

  • Oil in the orange skin contains limonene which is used in soap cosmetics & pesticides.
  • The orange skin can be used after drawing mill it to verifying powder & mix it with shikakai & apply it on hair to make them silky.
  • Fine skin powder can be ingested with lukewarm water of hunger etc.
  • The skin powder when applied on face can be an excellent facial pack for acne treatment.

(B) Orange Juice :

  • Can stock vomiting of pregnant women.
  • If a tired person takes one glass juice, he gets instant energy.
  • Ideally recommended for week kids can cure our heating & urinal heat.
  • Mixed with honey saves hardtack.
  • Ideal for digestion.

(C) Whole Orange :

  • Reduces constipation due to rich fiber content.
  • Increases inter movement of the intense time.
  • Prevent disease due to rich calcium.
  • Can remove the white layer formed on the tuque in fewer.
  • Gloss the skin.


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