World BreastFeeding Week 1-7 August

World Breastfeeding Week

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From 1 st August to 7 th August , it is going to be a World Breastfeeding Week declared by WABA.

The whole idea is definitely a welcome to increase awareness about breastfeeding all around . Due to the changed life style, and the great advances (?) in the medicinal science, more and more women are willing to switch over to the outside milk as early as they can. And who can stop them ? They are the part of this “Success” oriented world,where theoverall belief is getting everything faster & faster.

What has been happening around …

I was reading some news in the newspaper , where they have casted a great story of a film actress in Mumbai, who is very keen & particular about giving breastfeed to her baby. She takes her own milk herself , stores in a plastic pouch, and her maid gives the milk to her baby at given intervals. This , looks like an inspiring story (the media does this all) to the world. The “Success” centric world will always want every one to WORK always. God ! And the funnier part is when I read that there are some special pouches also available for this very purpose.Funny !

Is it the way the almighty has designed the breastfeeding ?

They say that the mother should support a baby with her breastfeed at least upto 6 Months and ideally upto 24 months. But the Working Mothers , are eager to stop the breastfeed as early as possible & in a hurry to switch the child to the bottled milk. Why ? because most of them are on maternity leaves. So this funny way has emerged to pump out milk herself. I have heard that mothers pump out their own milk, but that happens when the flow of milk from the milk does not stop at all. But this is something different.

I think whatever period needs for a child to switchover to the bottle milk, should be allotted , say upto 2 years. For these 2 years, the mother should practice breastfeeding. It is also said that it is quite troublesome, painful etc. But I have seen may mothers feel very great when the breastfeed their babies. Why , should we always interfere in the God’s way ?

Possible bad effects

While studying some material about the milk teeth, I read that the major reason of milkteeth decay is the Sugar remainder on the baby teeth after it finishes the bottle. If the baby starts taking the bottle milk at 4 months, indirectly you are also inviting tooth decay.

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