Should Cucumber not to be eaten to prevent Acidity ?

Is Cucumber Acidic, I don’t know

Recently,my dietician gave me a Diet Plan. She advised me to keep my Acidity Level Low in the initialphase. In that, she has Banned two major items :-

1. Cucumber
2. Tomato

I am not a diet or nutrition Specialist. But just as a curiosity, needed to know the nswer, as some questions came to my mind like :-

Cucumber is very popularly consumed in Hot Days
It is supposed to be COLD

Then I also checked out some facts , they were

Cucumber Does not have any fats/cholesterol
It has very less calories
The rich Fiber in it removes the Toxins from body
Rich with K & A Vitamins
Rich with Potassium , Sodium

I also visited a site to check the acidic facts on Cucumber ,



Can someone throw some light on this ?

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