Kumaravel – From Zero to Hero with Natural Salons

At the BNI Pune East Event called Envision 2020 , we were presented a unique opportunity to listen to a great entrepreneur from Coimbatore , Mr Kumaravel. Kumaravel,now owns a chain of “Natural” branded Salons , some 498 odd in numbers spread all over the southern part of India. By the time you are reading this , must have spread to more parts, I’m so sure.

It all started at Home

After graduating, Kumaravel decided to join his brother’s business , where he took his early lessons on how to take risk, how to build a team & many more basic operations.He learnt all the basic skills, but whenever he was presenting any new idea, he used to get put down. Soon a fast learner he is , he quickly understood, that Not his idea , but his age was getting rejected.

Taking the Solo path

Kumaravel decided to take his own path. On a plain piece of paper he just randomly wrote a figure of “5 CR”. He proudly says , he had 3 things to start up with :-

  1. Zero Bank Balance
  2. One Credit Card
  3. Sky High Confidence

kumaravelHe started a company by launching a herbal poweder in year 1993. Working very passionately, his company did very well, and in a span of 4-5 years, Kumaravel came into the league of his brothers, making 6 Cr Business. Then he launched Herbal oil, Amla Granules etc. But these both products failed completely.

Then again he came out with Herbal paste, which again was a super success in short time. But then again , one day a complaint arrives from a place, then two, then three and so on. Kumaravel was down and not knowing what to do. At one point he was listening to his audios , which kept his spirits high, but not helping him to deliver a practical solutions. But he decided not to give up

In this phase, he went to various Gods, but failed again and again. But nothing took him ,nd he became poorer & poorer. Then he saw a picture of Swami Vivekanand, If you believe in yourself, you believe GOD.

The times were very very Difficult

The bankers were wanting their money back, the creditors were aggressive , but a Strong Kumaravel succeeded all these mountains , he kept on staying motivated. He used to tellhimself , not me,my methods have failed. So I will take another method. But it was never easy. Even the survival was a challenge.

Finally It worked out

Having closed down the old business totally, Kumaravel’s wife came to his rescue .Both ,Kumaravel& his wife spotted an opportunity in the city for a good quality Beauty Salon. That time it was only available in 5 star Hotels. But again Kumaravel started the first salon in Chennai. Doing the hard work for 3-4 years from the startup ;Kumaravel started to grow .

nue1Scaling up through Franchising

Kumaravel, as he puts it is a “Growth Addict”. He wanted to appoint Franchisees all over the state. Slowly , he started this even state wise. Now, till date , Naturals is having 498 franchise outlets around the country and wants to spread more.

Salute to this great entrepreneur.

He wants to remove the word called “Housewife” from the dictionary.

Some of the quotes he mentioned in his speech :-

 About Mind

Conscious Mind is 1/8th , Subconscious Mind is 7/8th . Initially all things seem easy,slowly we learn all things , we can drive a car & still hold a cellphone and talk, this is the subconscious mind in action.

About Thinking Big

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act , but a habit. Your entry into this world can go unnoticed, your exit should not be. It does not matter, what caste , what religion, smalltown, big town, nothing; whenever you leave this world, if the world cries, you have won the battle. For that , the first thing , which is important is To think BIG.

About Dreams

Big Dreams are for BIG people and Small dreams are for small people. It takes the same time to dream a BIG dream , as well as a SMALL dream, then why not to dream BIG ? Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam said it so beautifully : “Dream is not one which comes to you when you’re sleeping; Dream is one which does not let you sleep”]

Think Big, Think Fast , Think Ahead

Rain will fill the vessel you carry. What’s the size of your dream ? Keep at least a swimming pool, not a spoon.

About Opportunity

The Hair and Tortoise story is suitable for 3rd standard, not for life. Now the race is between different hairs only, and soon the hairs may be 1 chinese hair, another Italian hair, 1 american hair, 1 brazillian, and so on. Think Ahead, then only you can grab this opportunity. You need to change with times.

Ideas are no one’s monopoly. Most people do not fail because they aim too high and they fall short; but because they aim too low & they hit it !

The great tragedy of life is NOT death, but what we allow inside us to die every day ! Let the voice not die. World will always tell you… “You can’t do this”. Take a brush from the world, but paint your own picture.

How willyou think when you’re down will decide how high you can go.

What looks like to be an END in the road, is actually a BEND in the road.

The future belongs to those who believe the power of their dreams


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