8 Blogging Tips for content creation

You can follow these 8 Blogging tips regarding the content creation

Once you are through with your overall strategy for blogging, the first step you take is creating content for your site.

1.Understand pages/Posts clearly

Pages : Decide which kind of information will be static on the site. It means you won’t be editing that every now & then (though you can). Simply think about a “Contact” type of information. This is not going to change very frequently. Similar is the case with the information “About You” or may be “FAQ”.  The point is :- this all sort of info can be published on PAGES.

Posts/Articles : As blogging is all about sharing, interaction ; latest happenings, updates etc will be the life of your blogs. So this type of content information will be on the POSTS.

2. Importance of the “About Us” page

The web is a virtual place. So people CAN NOT see you physically. It is very important for them to know who is behind the whole information set. Similarly they are also curious to know “How you have started in the [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine clickthru=http://phirasta.com/niche-types-of-blogs-can-attract-very-specific-audience/ inltext=”<p>What is a &quot;Niche&quot; &amp; how you can use Niche <strong>Blogging for Money</strong></p>” ]niche[/wpTipWiz]” or learning more about you. So create a nice “About Us” page is very vital to your blogging success.

3. Posts/Articles

Although you are Blogging for money;  the first step for people to buy something from you will be to understand you & give importance to what you suggest. For this, you have to prove your authority in the subject. That is why we are creating posts or articles. What to write in articles :-

I shall explain this with an example of a cookery blog :-

  1. How I decide my weekly breakfast schedule
  2. 10 effective tips for throwing a low calorie party
  3. How honey can loose weight

These are just some sample article titles I have suggested , you can be creative & write them.

4. Content Sources

  • Your own writing
  • Youtube Videos
  • Article Directories
  • Other Blogs
  • Google Alerts
  • Freelance authors

5. Some precautions while creating content :-

Never copy straight away , not at all word to word.  Whenever you use other’s articles , do give credit to the authors, sources. DO NOT use spinned articles.

Instead , subscribe for google alerts, collect information on the subjects, then write “summary” kind of articles from them & publish.

DO NOT write for the sake of writing. Think if it is relevant & required for your target audience, then only write. Otherwise NO.

6. Think like a book

A book has index , chapters, page numbers. It is as good as the author tells the reader : “what is where”. So even on your blog, you should be able to tell the reader, what content is where. For this , you can make use of simple hyperlinks. Take care you are NOT distracting him from the subject.

7. DO NOT make content too long

This is relative, but web readers DO NOT prefer long content. Of course I myself have deviated from this thumb rule, on my “About Phirasta” page; but as you know every rule proves with exceptions. How long it should be ? preferably within 500-800 words. Again, this is a thumb rule.

8. Type of Content

Can be articles, Videos,MP3 audios, Fotos, Interactive games, anything. The more type of content, the more likely that user will “Consume” that. The more he consumes, the more popularity you gain.If you run interactive types of blog, you can also use other’s writing to gain popularity to YOUR site.

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