10 Blogging Tips for SEO

First, what is SEO ? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. To Do SEO is to increase your visibility in search engines such as Google,Yahoo, Bing etc. If your site or article appears on the first page of google, you get more goals achieved from that fast.

You can refer to these 10 major Blogging tips for SEO :-

1.Importance of Keywords

Keywords are nothing but phrases by which people search information on a subject. There may be huge difference between What you think your subject is called as and what people actually call as. It also may vary from area to area. So Keywords is the most important thing.

2. Use Google Keyword Planner

For doing keyword research use the Free tool by Google called “Keyword Planner”. It gives you the most appropriate keywords suitable to your niche & area of working. It takes a little time to learn this. I personally use Long Tail Pro which gives me various metrics including the competition in seconds. The best thing is – It has a 10 days FREE trial as well.

Blogging Tips for SEO - Use smart keywords

Long Tail Pro helped me to reach top position of Google

3. Use those keywords everywhere

Wherever you are creating content, use the keywords. Insert them in your blog posts, pages, also in your social profiles as well.

Blogging Tip :-Use Keywords smartly in content for SEO

How to use Keywords for better SEO

4. Be natural in the process

DO NOT make excessive placement of these keywords, I mean avoid deliberate insertion of keywords into your content. Let them come naturally. Just keep an eye on insertion.

5. Use in the post title

Use the keyword in the post or page title. It is the fastest way of telling Google about your content. Even use the same method everywhere – in Social Platforms, Youtube, Forums etc. Use the Keyword ,use it creatively.

For example “Bengali Food” is your keyword; then DO NOT make “Bengali Food” as the post title. Make it something like “Is Bengali Food suitable for Winter ?” or “Who says Bengali Food means just Fish ?” can be a good SEO friendly title.

6. Working with Images :-

If you insert the images in your posts, through [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine clickthru=http://joywebservices.com/wordpress-pvideos/ inltext=”<p>Learn WordPress through these 60 Video lessons</p>” ]wordpress[/wpTipWiz], please insert the keywords in the image Title, Alt Tag. This is very important. With new Image Search by Google, it can be a good boon to your site.

7. Bold, Underline etc

Lot of people say a lot about this. I suggest , just be natural to insert the keyword if needed in the post content, somewhere relevant. Just do Bold, Italics & Underline command to highlight the keyword. DO NOT use if not needed to highlight. I find just Bolding is sufficient many a times.

8. Importance Off site SEO

Whatever we saw till this point is the “On Site” work. But the “Off Site” work also is very important, as it gives backlinks to your site. Backlinks are nothing but people referring your content through hyperlinks to your website. The more backlinks , the better authority  your  Site will have.

9. Ways to do Off Site SEO

  1. Commenting on other Blogs, Forums etc
  2. Interacting with people on Social Media
  3. Including your keyword while all postings, naturally

However ,special care has to be taken for your keyword not appear unnaturally. Otherwise this Social Media Forums may ban you.

10. Referring other sites

You will need to refer to other better sites for additional information etc. This alone can increase your SEO, as the person or site referred may revert to you with the same way. Just insert the link to the site properly.

If you use other’s images through Google ; give credit to the image owner, specially mention that.

How did you find these Blogging Tips for SEO ? Please tell readers how it helped you on the journey towards blogging for money.

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