What is Blogging in simpler terms

What is Blogging ?

First let us know what is a BLOG.

BLOG is an acronym or short form for Web-Log , hence BLOG.

What is LOG ? Log is a record , simple record. You know a log is kept for changes in a garage or may be time-log , again these all are records. A web-log is a record of events on the web. So to make it more simple, Blog is a record of things happening on Web. If you have a Web-location (Website) the BLOG will be a record of things happening on it.

What are the events happening on the website ?

First , let it be clear that a web site is simply a location or special space provided in the cyber space for your documents. And it should be available for display to people with a link called a web-address. As this link is a special & unique ; it is YOU only, I mean like a safe deposit vault in a bank , only you & the banker has keys to it, I mean an access to it. And as your account in the bank is identified with a unique name (your name) , the web site is also identified with a unique name, that is a Domain Name. And the space provided to you to keep your documents (like the actual locker space in the bank) is called as the hosting space. The Provider of Domain Name & Hosting Space can be one or separate as well.

Your Website can be accessed by anyone with a link. But some websites you might have noticed , allow comments , they are “Static” & some DO NOT , they are “Dynamic”. As the web world matured slowly the dynamic sites became more & more popular. Simply because people came, left comments on what they felt. These comments are the web-records. And the special section where these records are kept is a Web-Log.

So, what’s a BLOG then ?

Just simply consider a Book Shop where many books are displayed. And just imagine that there is a a notebook placed at the counter , for reviews by people. Just assume that the notebook also has categories on subjects , authors etc. So what happens is :- People will visit shop, see the books (browse) in the shop, shortlist some (maybe) & before buying, will surely refer the reviews. Depending upon the reviews , they will take the buying decision.

Similar things are very common now while buying anything. My point is , the note book in physical form became BLOGS in the cyber world. And they are so much full of information, people many times refer Blogs or Forums to see reviews before buying anything online.

As you can understand, these Blogs also required some space on the internet. And the structure also was like the websites only. Rather, they were & are websites only. More broadly we can call it an information or discussion type of website where a visitor when seeking information about a particular product or subject can go & find that.

As the internet flourished , there were more & more individuals, companies , corporations on it selling more & more of their goods, services etc. The rise of E-commerce sites was a result of this. But any online buyer , as the Offline buyer was equally curious about how his purchase would be. So he wanted reviews, information, comparisons, listen about complaints and much more. On the internet in fact it was more necessary as one can not FEEL the product by touch, smell, eyes etc. This gap was perfectly filled by BLOGS.

Blogger , WordPress are one of the most popular platforms where people create simple sites which are called as Blogs , on which people interact & help in many ways such as getting information about places, products, events, people & many many things. There are many people around the world today , they are purely “Bloggers”.

The process of creating these blogs, adding content on the blogs, commenting, etc is called as Blogging.


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