Case Study : How Blogging can help get leads for a Florist’s Business

Blogging for Business as a lead generation strategy for a Florist

Are you a Florist ? No ?

Then a Businessman ? may be.

Blogging for Florist's BusinessOr may be a Florist by Business or profession. Now, in this article I am going to talk about how a FLORIST can incorporate BLOGGING as a strategy for generating business & of course…. Money from that.

In  turn, it will help all the other businesses too, as the major principles remain the same irrespective of your businesses.


As you may be knowing Blogging is sharing your information/knowledge with people about a particular subject. Naturally , for a Florist; the subject is ….”Flowers”, right ? So he will be very comfortable by sharing his information , experience etc in the field of Flowers.

How would I encorporate Blogging for Business had I been a Florist ?

1. Identify the season’s special flowers.

Every season has some special Flowers. If not in your city; may be somewhere else. Go to google, just find out which flowers are seasonal now, get images, content.

For my city, currently there is a Flower called “Son-Mohor” which is a seasonal flower.

2. Take out  Photos.

I have gone to the locations & shot some photos of them. Believe me, it’s not that difficult as it seems so. What you need is just a Mobile phone with a Camera. I use an LG optimus Dual Sim Android phone. It works for me, no problems at all. You can also try other similar models from Flipkart.

3. Transfer them to my Computer.

I know, you will be tempted to share them right away. But DO NOT DO so. I will tell you why. At present, just be patient and transfer them to your computer with a Cord / Bluetooth , whatever best suits you.

4. Convert those images for web publishing.

This is needed. It decreases the size of your images so they load fast. Yes, the quality also drops down, but to me , the message with the photo is more important. So I use a simple free program like MS Office Picture Manager (Very easy to operate).

5. Watermark them with my Website Address.(

Use the site watermarking when Blogging for Business

Watermarking Example

Watermarking means printing your name on the photos. Very important for Branding purposes.Use a site like Pikmonkey to do this.

6.Finding Information

Now I shall go to Google & get some information about the Flower. At present I do not even know what it is called as in English. For this I also use Facebook to ask some of my friends there. But the best source is Wikipedia & Google images. 99.99% of times, you get the names over there. Take down whatever information I get from there.

7. Creating my own version

This is a very important step. Please DO NOT COPY the information. DO NOT SPIN & publish the information. Instead, create your VERY version of the same. I mean I would write like :- how good I felt seeing the flower, what locations I saw the tree, How many days in your city you can see the tree etc. I will also offer the link to the original article from Wikipedia or else where.

8. Publish the Content on My Blog

Now I will go to my Blog to publish that. (You know you can get one free ?) Thanks to WordPress, I DO NOT need any technical skills at all to do so. I will also insert my images into it & Publish that. Incidentally my Blog will also have information about my services. You may notice I have mentioned here some resources which may be useful to you to use Blogging for Business, right? This is important too. You have to be creative (Not spammy) to insert YOUR money making links into places. So people come to know about your products. If not necessary, DO NOT insert them at all. No problems. People will come to you any how. Provided you publish genuine information.

9. Share the Post in Network

I will share the post in my network. On Facebook, I will create a photo post linking to my Blog post. I will also share that on various groups. To my email subscribers, I will create a short abstract on how can they be interested in that. On other networks , shall create similar kind of short messages & post. But again I will avoid auto-posting here. There are services which provide these services.

10.Be responsive & Attentive

It may happen initially that you DO NOT get any response. So there are chances you may drop off from your plan of doing Blogging for Business. But Online lead generation takes a little time to get established, as people judge you by your content. So be patient. And keep an eye on what’s happening around and respond to them when someone arrives with a comment, question or a suggestion.

Who knows, he can be your next BIG customer ?

Please share your thought by commenting.

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