How you should incorporate Blogging for Business ?

What is Blogging for Business

title015Before going any further , let’s get very clear about what “Blogging” means in very simple terms.

Blogging is writing, chatting, discussing about some subject.

Then let it be anything- even if it is your business.Nobody blogs about a particular “business”. In fact he or she who is supposed to be “blogging”, may be either reviewing some of your products, may be some of your services, or may be simply sharing experience when he had been to your shop. Or even it can be an experience about the policy matters also. Now , it’s evident enough why you need to do Blogging for Business.

Before actually starting Blogging for Business

Now, before you actually begin in this direction, there are certain things which are worth a check.

  1. For blogging for business, you need to posses your own blog
  2. The own blog is (Rather-should be) different than your website
  3. The blog can be created through free platforms like blogger/ wordpress (Only initially)
  4. Preferably you should have a Self-Hosted Blog.

Once these things get clear, you are well set on your path to do Blogging for Business.

Have a clear strategy of Blogging for your Business

It is very important to have created a roadmap for this. It will tell you where, what & how. In other words you should have an exact strategy to do blogging. To draw out the strategic plan, you can ask yourself certain questions like :-

  1. Why do I need Blogging ? (Make it clear to yourself)
  2. What is that what I will get by blogging for business
  3. What should I blog about ? ( A list can be floated here)
  4. What is the time frame I want to see my goal achieved
  5. What are the resources from where I would start this ?
  6. How ill I do this ? (Doing MYSELF , thru my office staff or outsourcing )

(Tip :- I suggest you move with a small scribble pad with a pencil in your shirt pocket, and write the small idea which may strike you. This is a creative process, and Ideas can strike anytime)

Now , start implementing the Plan

Here , the most important thing will be your patience , persistence. As for many of you, blogging can be an entire new path. It takes time to see results by blogging. It is just like how the mouth publicity takes place. Instead it’s web-publicity. But it takes long time. But it fetches long time, continual results. So the formula is very simple to remember :-

Keep Trust in what you are doing (Blogging) – It DOES work.And you will stay persistant.So you NEED NOT have patience. (It is already built-in).In simpler terms, If you know you are doing right, you continue to do it without stress.

How Blogging for Business helped me

Initially I used to do advertising a lot on the internet. Through portals- the B2B portals. There are many. I don’t say they did not deliver me results. But very poor quality results. I wanted very unique kind of leads (which only I had ability to handle). This the portals failed to deliver me. I WAS getting the bulk which they (B2B portals) used to forward me. I discovered the same bulk gets passed to thousand s of their “members”. I never wanted to become small fish in a big pond. I preferred to be a king-fish in a small – “just for me” pond.

So, I decided to blog for my business, started doing it and sincerely implemented the plan. Now my site tops for 5 keywords in my niche , all ranking at No.1 spot on google. I am sure you know what Google’s no.1 position means.

How much time did it take this to happen ?

To be frank, it actually took not more than 5 months. It may take more or less for you. As I say it is neither a rocket science nor a specific action oriented thing. I mean, we can decide OUR actions, but it depends upon your business niche, the competition involved & your efforts too, which will decide your Google Spot.

But before that I had spend almost 18 months in trial-errors. Mainly committing mistakes, which I believe IS a part of learning. But you need not do so. There was no-one around there (at least I was not aware) who could teach me how to do this. But now , I have laid the steps through a FREE course called Online Marketing Training Course, which will surely help you to start with the basics and to achieve your goals in a very short time. I assure you will avoid many of the mistakes which I did. The course is completely free to join.

Are you still not ready with idea of Blogging for Business ? , please let me know what you feel  …

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