Right Use of Water for Agriculture

More Rice Cultivation in Lesser Water

Usually, we say that India is the largest producer of rice. And most of the cultivation method for rice is the “Flooding” method, Typically rice grows in high rainfall area. In this method, Water goes waste like anything.  But, you always get people develop newer techniques whenever challenges arrive to mankind. Similar thing happened in 1961.

Father de Laulanie arrived on Madagascar in 1961. He was a French Jesuit Father. He developed a System of Rice Intensification. By which It saves 30-50 % Water than the Flooding Method. In India , it started in 200-2001 in Tripura, and now Tamil Nadu cultivates 50% , Tripure 50% , Bihar also 25 % .

Well, what is System of Rice Cultivation ?

SRI believes in Sngle Seedlings method. See the Video and you will be clear what the system is like.


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