BNI Pune Gems Team attends the BNI Day India 1 & 2 nd August 2014 at Bangalore

The Venue for the BNI Day India 2014

So, we all ( Gems Chapter Pune Members) went to the BNI Day India 2014 , at Bangalore , conducted at the Manpho Convention Centre. The Location was little new, so was initially difficult to locate. But that’s ok, and mentioned here for just the 1 % negative marks which could be given to the Bangalore Team who managed this whole event so well !

But after entering inside , there were mainly 2 halls. 1 st was meant for networking & the second one , where all the lectures , concerts were taking place. Both halls are adequately huge in capacity. They also have quite a huge empty space to accommodate good amount of vehicle for parking. I mean, during the total event, we never faced any crowdy circumstance anytime. Agree , we felt HOT sometimes , but it was also due to the work I was doing…networking very actively. Just look at the networking opportunity we had from the photograph below :-

The First Day of BNI Day India 2014

It all started as usual the BNI way… The registrations, the Badges , the kits and everything. Very important things to learn. I remember it was also a learning to me when I first came to my BNI Pune Gems Chapter. Very disciplined manner.

So, we all started networking immediately, a very unique skill I have acquired very recently since I joined BNI Gems Pune Chapter. BNI encourages networking & all were very keen to get introduced to each other. I could really feel the opportunity here and Gosh ! I patted myself on the back & said “ took a very right decision!”

Once the initial networking was over, we were served a Fast but very sufficient (and tasty as well) business lunch on the 1 st floor of what they called “Legacy Building”. And sharp 1 PM , the first of the sessions were conducted. I am not going to review on who, what were the contents of these sessions on this post as my focus is on how BNI will help you get your business to the next level in a short time, and how the BNI Day India 2014 helped me to reach my goal.

So , the sessions ended at 8 PM in the evening and we all departed to our Hotels.

BNI Day India – Day 2

We really had to hurry up the second day as it was supposed to start at 9 AM sharp. We were asked to report there at 7-30 for breakfast. But it was more an opportunity for Networking. So, though the breakfast was very good, I took my breakfast at an other Hotel before leaving for the BNI Day India Day two. This was to keep myself FREE while others were having breakfast , as networking was the thing for which I had been there. So , the second day also offered us good sessions throughout.

Live Concert with Shreya Ghoshal

It was called off by a great , beautiful concert by a leading Indian Singer Shreya Ghoshal . All crowd fully enjoyed , danced , and finally called it a day. Before the concert various awards were presented & some new Chapters were very much phenomenal in winning those. We too, all the Gems , decided to perform very well and to win at least one of the awards for our BNI Pune Gems Chapter the next year.

Notes :-

The badges were coloured for various power teams. It made very easy for all of us to locate similar teams to get connected with

Some of the members were not loosing a single opportunity to network, I even saw two of them exchange their cards inside the Toilets , whereas some at the concert too ! Great spirit guys !

networking in full swing

As usual, comments & feedback are welcome !


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