BNI Pune Gems Meeting 5-8-14

Minutes of BNI Pune Gems Chapter Meeting dtd 5 th August 2014

As usual, we started at 7-30 AM today , due to very heavy rains again , we faced a slight absenteeism. Anyway, still we had 2 elite visitors to the chapter. And finally the meeting started exactly at 8 A.M.

The Education Slot

After the initial introduction, Rohit Keskar took the education slot, he explained us the Concept of asking a specific referral .He explained  the slogan “Specific is Terrific” with the drawn sales Funnel.

Harshal was taken as an example & the funnel was explained. Harshal supplies Computer Hardware

BNI Pune Gems Education Slot : Specific is Terrific

BNI Pune Gems Education Slot : Specific is Terrific

After doing this funnel test , Harshal could get his Specific Ask :-

“This week I want the contact details of the Manager Hardware /Networking of Syntel Ltd , Pune”

Really terrific.



Then all the members introduced themselves with the regular 30-sec presentation. Now it was Babu’s 10 minute turn today since Mr Prasad Kamthe was not present. Babu took this slot to explain what & how was the BNI Annual Day at Bangalore. Other members supported him with their inputs as well.

Now it was the referrals turn. Today , we saw some very good bonafied referrals. No doubt, even Harshal got a referral from Babu of Syntel. That’s the power of a specific ask.

The meeting ended in regular spirits, the two visitors exchanged their views with a willingness to join. As usual, the membership committee will take the decision after reviewing the situation, category etc. It was also decided that 26 th August will be the visitors Day and we targeted 50 Visitors at least.

Photographs :-



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