BNI Pune Gems Meeting 26 th Aug 2014

BNI Pune Gems Meeting 26 th August


As usual, we , at Bni Pune Gems , started off on yet another Tuesday, at Hotel Sirona. The Chapter Director, Babu Madhawan Started with some excellent facts today like :-

Worldwide BNI does 40,000 Cr of Business every year within members

About India :

134 chapters in Operation , 5,834 members in 15 Cities

Last Month, 36,800 referrals were passed resulting into 1.62 Crores of Business.

The Education Slot :-

Education Slot on Cross Chapter Business at BNI Pune Gems Chapter


It was conducted by Deepali Talreja. The Topic was :- Cross Chapter Business. In this particular subject , Deepali is a master. As she has already closed business from Bangalore & Chennai. During the last post , we also shared the success story

She shared how she got the business and how she did continue the dialogue with him irrespective of initial misunderstandings. She also insisted on using BNI Connect Portal to get more opportunities to explore.

Online Exploration of Business Opportunities is a patient job. As you can’t get results as fast as you usually get in Offline work. In addition to the BNI Connect, if you try to connect to the members on Facebook, Twitter also; the better.

New Member Induction :-

Induction of Mr Thakre to BNI Pune Gems Chapter


Mr. Anil Thakre , General Insurance Agent , was the new induction today. It was done in pure BNI style, with the “I agree” Oath.

Mr Thakre is an ex-Forest Officer and has spent majority of his past life in M.P. All Chapter Members assured him business.


30- Seconds Presentation :-

Now it was time for 30-seconds presentation by every member.All offered a good presentation , but some of them were truly terrific, being very specific. We had 6 visitors today, 2 of them were repeat. Visitors also gave their introductions.

Then it was time for a 10-minute Speaker. It was Anand Somwanshi this time, the M.D. of Varun Pressings Pvt Ltd, Manufacturers of LED Fixtures. Here are some snaps from the same

Other News :-

Ashutosh Navle, the Chapter Trainings Co-ordinator announced the next MSP training to be held on the coming Saturday.

The Chapter Director ended the formal meeting with a Famous Quote by Merilyn Ferguson :-

“No One can Persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. We can not open the gate of another, either by argument or by emotional appeal”

True, isn’t it ?

Then everyone dispersed for networking & having breakfast.

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