Blogging Tips for affiliate Product Selling

While selling affiliate products from you blog, you can broadly follow these blogging tips for optimum results

8 Blogging Tips for Affilliate products selling

1.Select products strictly related to your niche

While searching amazon or clickbank, you may get 1000s of products. They may be offering good commission . Chances are : You may get lost & tempted to go for many of them as you are primarily Blogging for money. Instead, be choosy and always ask yourself a question : “Is it related to my blog subject or [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine clickthru= inltext=”<p>Want to know what is a &quot;<strong>Niche</strong>&quot; or How you can do &quot;<strong>Niche Blogging</strong>&quot; ? Click to open a separate article on this</p>” ]niche[/wpTipWiz]?” Select only those which qualify this test.

2. Watch the product & seller’s records

You will be selling someone else’s products. So you must know how the the product performs. You can get a number of reviews about the product online. Simply type “Reviews of [product]” or “[product] reviews” in Google , it will also run many results for you. From that , you will know the general trend about the product. Then know about the seller. This you can find at the affiliate network , e.g. [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Clickbank is the Largest Place online for selling digital products , where you can be afiliate to many products &amp; earn handsome commisions</p>” ]Clickbank[/wpTipWiz]. See his records, available tools, duration of his presense in the market etc.

3. Affiliate Link

This is the link actually , which , when clicked for purchase by anyone, pays you commission. Whenever you get approved by any network for any product, you will get a link starting from http://….. Or a piece of code. We shall just have a look at the Link at present.

This link can be inserted anywhere you want. In your emails, websites, facebook messages, any anywhere absolutely.

4. Test the link

For testing the link on Clickbank ; simply click on the link. Then that product website or sales page will open. Just click on the BUY button. It will take you to the Clickbank purchase page. DO NOT BUY. Just scroll to the bottom. There, it should show your affiliate ID of clickbank :- at the bottom-most. This assures that the commission will come to YOU. See the image below :-

Clickbank Blogging Tip

How to verify Clickbank Link

5. Using the supplied Product Banners

After shortlisting similar products, just select the one which offers you the maximum supporting advertising materials like banner choices. These banners can be easily shown at your site by just cut-pasting the code supplied.

6. Using Own Banners/ Images

I apply a different method for this though. I use a software called banner crusher which offers me several sizes of banners, and I can insert my own script in that. It has got several templates ready within itself. I can insert my affiliate link & the software gives me a piece of code which I can insert on my website where ever I want to display that.

The ads in the sidebar are created by Banner Crusher, in minutes

7. DO NOT use email swipes from seller

Many a times, to attract more affiliates, the sellers supply you a set of email messages called as email swipes. You have just to replace your name & contact information etc in them & send across. You may get tempted as it is a copy-paste tool. DO NOT DO this. Instead, write emails in your own language. Grammer does not matter much. Or hire someone, request someone to do that for you.

8. Keep an eye on the Tracking

Clickbank or Amazon, does offer this feature. You can actually track the results for your product as to how many clicked, how many bought, how much commissions etc. Tracking helps you to tweak your strategies time to time.

After implementing these tactics, just tell me how you feel about results …..

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