Beauty of Blogging as Life

Travelling Passion continues , thanks to Blogging !

Today when I started in the Morning, It was beautiful Climate & I was really tempted Not to Go to Office at all, and thanks to my Business , I could afford not to go. I rather took an other route & decided to ask my regular companion Nishad to accompany me to Panshet.

Rachana's Panshet OfficeAt Panshet , which is appx 40 Kms from Pune , I had a small work too. We had to do a survey of a Hostel of an NGO called “Rachna Samajik Punarbandhani” which is run for nearly 90-100 students. There is a tremendous need for the cooking gas , which they can’t really afford. We suggested them Solar Array , which is nothing but a linear Solar cooker system.


We quickly completed the survey , but while travelling on Bike, we enjoyed awesome scenery all the way through. Just look at the photographs :-



Pithle-Bhakri & Thecha


As we completed the survey work, we were very hungry, so we enjoyed a great tasty Food at a Restaurant. What could be better than a “Pithle-Bhakri” & Thecha with it ?

The food was very tasty, was served fresh, Hot. We paid the bill, relaxed there for a little & were on the way back.

What & How this all relates to Blogging for Life

During this whole time, I was receiving calls, seeing mails etc. I was also getting mails where 1-2 clients deposited money into my account. I have setup my Business as a Digital Product to be delivered through my site, so it offers me the luxury to live life as I want it.

I can now say, I am heading towards my ultimate goal :-

“Travel for Passion & Blogging for Money”

As usual, waiting for your comments !

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