Are you curious about exactly how do people make money blogging ?

Now I shall handle this question in 2 ways :-

How do people make money blogging , I mean the ways they make money

As discussed earlier, blogging became very prominent , when actually people started to seek information from the internet. I mean ,people started to refer the information available on the internet. So let it be first be clear that [asb_highlight]whatever money is made by blogging is definitely by sharing information[/asb_highlight]. Now, this information can be shared 2 ways : a. Paid & b. Free.

Sometimes you see many blogs offering some content for free & upgrades or premium content for cost. Some people offer entire content for free, and they may be linking the content to their main product site etc. This is indirect way of making money.

Sometime you may see some blogs offering monthly membership fees. Just like the routine magazine subscription. Some people create online courses. The courses can be one time or monthly recurring fees type as well. Like I have been traveling & sharing information, many people do it.

How I am making money blogging ?

I have this blog , on which you are seeing content. In the side bar you can see a FREE e-course. Yes, it is genuinely free. One can learn all the techniques I am sharing for free. In that I am also suggesting you some ways to make your internet marketing easier. That content may be premium, at cost. If you buy that, I make money. That simple.

Similarly you can create your own product, or sell someone else’s products & make money. That is how people make money blogging.

What kind of products can be sold ?

You can have own products like [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Tangible, Touchable Goods</p>” ]physical products[/wpTipWiz] for sell. But more popular are information products like ebooks, videos, PDF reports etc. These are digital products. Other products are [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Products offered by other marketeers, if you sell (<strong>become affiliate</strong>) , get some comission from it.</p>” ]affiliate products[/wpTipWiz] available for sell. You can see 1000s of these kind of goods available for sale on [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Largest Affiliate Networks in the world offering physical &amp; digital goods. This is where you will find products available to sell as affiliates.</p>” ]Amazon & clickbank[/wpTipWiz]. You have just to get an affiliate account & get yourself approved by them. That’s all. Many a times they – the sellers offer you all set of tools like banners, links and other promotional materials for sale as they are eager to sell those.

Now here comes the second part of the question :- exactly how people make money blogging – [asb_highlight]how do they get paid[/asb_highlight] !

Assume that you are approved by an affiliate network like Amazon or Clickbank. Then you get your log-in details etc. You also get your promotional materials. Now the next process is very straight , though not very simple in the beginning :-

  1. Get a suitable Domain Name.
  2. Create a Blog, publish information
  3. Insert the affiliate links/ Banners on the site
  4. Market your Blog.
  5. If people buy, get commissions.
  6. The commissions get deposited immediately in your account (Paypal) , which ultimately gets transferred to your account in 3-4 days.

There is also one other major way how people make money blogging : —- Google Adsense

how do people make money blogging through adsense

Just see the Search Query in top box, Paid advertisers & Free Search Results

Let me explain you the concept in details. You must have noticed “ads by google” all around the search results. These are the advertisers which actually pay google to show their ads to those people who search by the keywords related to their product or service.

Now ,  google not only displays them in search results; but also shows them on some sites , who relate to the subject of the advertiser’s service or product. How do they do it ? They (google) offer  you a simple piece of code , which needs to be pasted at the place where you want to show the ad on your site. The Relevant ads start to get displayed on your site. The program through which Google does this is called as Adsense.

Now let’s see how you will get paid :-

  1. You apply for adsense & got approved (You already have a site with good content)
  2. You get a set of codes from adsense.
  3. You decide where to display the ads.
  4. The relevant ads appear automatically, you need not do anything about that.
  5. People start reading your content, start clicking on the ads if they find useful
  6. Your clicks get counted by google and your adsense account gets credited with whatever sum is allocated to the keyword. (Don’t complicate now)
  7. Monthly , Adsense publishers (like you) get cheques from Google.

Sounds simple, eih ? Yes, simple, but with some practice & experience. You need to learn techniques of the site designs. Here WordPress comes to your help. There are many specially adsense based themes which you can use to earn a fortune. Trick is :- Learn-Multiply. Make more money with more number of sites. WordPress lets you create moey-making sites in straight 1-2 hours.

Any way, it was enough for you to know how people make money blogging.





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