Are we really indesciplined ?


While I was standing in a queue at the swargate bus stand today, was watching some people entering the buses directly without standing in queue. There was no one at the bus door to control this. Regular shouts and reactions started to emerge from the standers in the queue. Some like

“no discipline all”
“Indians are indesciplined ”
“we need a Hitler only”

Are we indesciplined, really ?

The answer is yes and no. While in some cases we observe some indesciplined behaviors, at some places, we see a tremendous implementation. We can’t deny the shift we are going though.

Fact no. 1

See, India is still a country of small villages. The small villages had villagers living in a small inter dependant environment. They had their own set of rules which were working fine for them for centuries.
Fact no. 2

It is definitely not a question of wrongs or rights. But we shall need to change though gradually.

What to do

We will need to understand that we are responsible for a much larger group as a country. And it will come through right education. Educating ourselves. Already we are demonstrating this at many places. See how quickly we adopted the new electoral guidelines. (thanks to a great visionary T M Sheshan).

Similar examples can be seen when we see Indian railways. In fact the more we dig, the more we find.

What’s your opinion?

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  • Some times que is obligation and at times a voluntarily entered agreement. Obligation is monitored by some one. We Indians are unfortunate slaves if some one for long. To quote “ARTHASYA PURUSHO DASAHA” Slaveary excepted for benefits.
    Que by volunteering efforts have to be thought . Some one will do it for us. As soon as we do not fear that someone unknown we try for our own concert and behave as animals.
    Then the question is animal behavior is useful or cosmetic cultured manners are imp. India is probably mixed bag.

    • So, what will be your take on this? How to come out from the slavery state? I remember having tweeted recently about the Commonwealth Games.

      I think it’s slavery to be part of that.

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