A method i use to invite a visitor to my BNI Gems Capter in Pune , India

Is there a Chapter of BNI in Pune ?

First of all , Do you know BNI ? It’s the largest referral exchanging network in the world. They operate on similar basis on the Rotary Club or Lions Club , the difference is that they (BNI) focuses purely on “Business”.

Gems BNI Chapter Meeting PuneBNI has several Chapters in Pune. I belong to the “Gems” Chapter. We meet every tuesday . The best part is :- We meet in mornings 7.30 am & depart by 10 am. We exchange referrals, carry a powerful 30 seconds presentation. Also offer a 10 minute slot to one member turn by turn. Prospective group gather together & launch a Chapter in the BNI. Similarly, our Chapter..GEMS was launched this year. Every week we invite visitors to join our chapter. I forgot to mention the very important aspect & that is : Category Lock. We take only 1 businessman from 1 category.

The Visitor is the most important factor in the BNI scenario. While inviting a new Visitor to our Gems BNI Chapter in Pune, I created a simple but effective checklist which I also shared with our members. All other BNI members across the world also can use that as a guide line or can correct me as well, as we are operating as somewhat new BNI chapter in Pune.

10 Ways to Invite Visitors to a BNI Chapter:-

  1. Show Opportunity :-

# Referrals : Explain the referrals exchange

# Trainings : Importance of world class trainings we get

# Category Lock :- Competition Overcome within Chapter

2. Ask Clearly

# Do you want to join such a group ?

# If yes– next, if No — Don’t insist

3. If yes, Ask the Category

# Go into details

# Don’t invite to our chapter if category clashes

# Help him/her to arrive & take a category of the core competency

4. Invite just for the next meeting

# Tell to join the next meeting

# Don’t try to “convince”

# Instead , be an enthusiastic informer

5. Explain Details

# Venue

# Timing

# Ask to bring 50 Cards

6. Send 3 emails

# 1 st immediately after talks

# 2 nd Monday Morning 9 am

# 3 rd & Final Monday 9 pm

Do you know you can forward schedule emails ?

7. Content of 3 emails

# 1 st .. Introduce BNI + Opportunity

# 2 nd..Reminder for next day

# 3 rd.. Final Reminder

# Every email will have venue + Your Contact Details

8. Share Contact Details

# Share your Contact Details

# Share details from Visitor Host Team’s member

# Keep the BNI Chapter members informed

9. Do Not Overdo

# Don’t call them up in morning

# Do not send spam emails/ sms

# Instead , be there at the venue at 7-20 AM

# Keep your Mobile fully charged

10. If Category clash, Still invite

# Not to our, but the upcoming chapter maybe

# Give details of the Launch Ambassador

As usual, give your opinions, comments ! And yes, please visit our Contact Page if you wish to become a member of the Gems BNI Chapter in Pune

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