10 Steps on How to start blogging for money

Once you finalize an idea for your blog, the work is half done. Now remains the actual what to do or where can one start. If you want to read about how to generate an idea for your blog, read this article.

Now , here are the 10 steps on starting blogging for money :-

1. Subject of your Blog

Write the subject of your blog & actually what it will do. It should very clearly say exactly what problem it will solve. For example , if you love cooking & you want to share newer (may be your own set of recipes) , you can help housewives to try different foods for breakfast or dinner etc.

2. Categorize the information

Plan & arrange the content properly. Let’s continue with the cookery blog example, arrange the recipes under Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian etc. Then you can also have further categorization like Breakfast food, Special Festival Foods, Lunch hour foods etc. I mean, imagine what kind of information people are seeking for & then decide the categories. Your research on the Blogs & Forums will come to your help here.

3. Decide the type of your Blog

Decide which kind of blog will it be. Whether it will be just an info type of blog ; or [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>Question &amp; Answers Type of Site like Yahoo Answers</p>” ]Q&A[/wpTipWiz] type , whether it will be a [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>B2B Portals like Indiamart.com , alibaba.com etc</p>” ]lead portal[/wpTipWiz] or it will be some community sharing site. Let me tell you, with wordpress, you can literally run any type of blog.

4. Decide the Money Flow

Your intention is Blogging For Money. Hence please write it down on a piece of paper – how you are planning to make money from your blog. Taking the example of the cookery blog, it can be :

a)      Sharing recipes, publishing adsense ads , selling ebooks through clickbank

b)      Selling amazon affiliate products

c)       Creating a simple housewives community site & arranging competitions & charging to participate.

d)      Making a membership site where members can register with a small monthly/annual fee.

I mean, the possibilities just demand your imagination.

5. Create & start with free blogging platforms

Start with blogger.com & also on wordpress.com . Create free blogs on both of these sites. They are not going to be your final destination. It is just to roll your hands on. Getting a bit hang of it. Spend 2-3 hours daily on them for a month or so.

6. Know what people are searching for

What I found :- though I had put excellent content on my site, fully original, I was not getting any visitors to my blog. Worried, I dug a little further. I finally understood 1 thing – people were NOT looking at things which I thought they were looking for. So , I should know what people are searching for. Some simple ways going to sites like [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>E-commerce Sites, where people buy &amp; sell Goods</p>” ]ebay amazon, flipkart[/wpTipWiz] ; and seeing what are the top searched categories. Why these sites ? They are the selling sites, not just info sites. Remember , you want to do blogging for money , not sheer blogging for blogging.

7. Also do keyword research

This helps the best. At least I will rate this as the no.1 thing to get best results. Keywords are the word phrases people type on the search engine like google to seek information what they are looking for. Research says that most of the people DO NOT go beyond page 1 & almost 42 % of them refer to the first site which appears. So it will be the best thing to see what people are looking for . You can do this by Google’s Keyword Research Tool for FREE.

8. Buy Domain & Hosting

Now buy your domain name (Keyword Domain if available) & hosting. While buying hosting, just buy it from that company which offers [wpTipWiz item_id=kswpttw_in1ine inltext=”<p>A company offering control panel for managing your hosting services under one roof</p>” ]cpanel.[/wpTipWiz]

9. Create your blog (website)on that

Now, this won’t be through the blogging platforms, but through wordpress, which you can install with 1-click through cpanel, given by your hosting provider. Upload the content created & publish on your blog. Start sharing with friends & relatives initially to get opinions. Define your services or money making streams very clearly.

10. Start making money from the blog

Your money will come through those people who are looking for them. If they love your product & if it’s useful , they will buy. If you create consistently good content, people will click on your ads too, so you get paid by google or other affiliate products you are selling on your blog. The key is reaching out to more people through your content & also working on other blogs to solve their problems.

Best luck to your journey to blogging for money!

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