10 points on how you can make a re-union successful

Feel Awkward meeting People ?

Do you face problem of getting connected to people ? Making friends with people ? Or Do you want to break your comfort zone of “Feeling shy to get connected to people “ ? One simple solution is :- Be a part of a re-union of old friends or if no one is arranging; organize one !

Re-union at NagaonAt an age like mine (40 +) everyone feels little nostalgic & wants to re-live the school or the college moments. That’s why the re-unions or GT (Get-Togethers) are very popular. Usually, there IS one person in the core group who feels the need to re-organize the school mates or college mates. Such a person takes all the initiative to contact all of them , bring them, may be convince them to come to the proposed GT. Then he co-ordinates with the group and makes it happen.

It’s Not an easy Task though !

But it is NOT a cake walk. It has it’s own joys & tears. Some friends comeup well while some may not. Some may not totally like the of a GT , while some may jump at it. Some may take you otherwise while some may congratulate you. You may feel disgusted as well sometimes & may feel like “Leaving this Thankless Job”. But that’s how all it is. It improves , tests your patience , persistence & many many qualities. And here you grow.As a human being you grow. Mature.

Here are a quick 10 points on how you can make a Re-union successful :-

  1. Understand the purpose :- It’s for you to improve your qualities and nothing else. Agreed, you will develop some new contacts , but it’s only a by-product; that’s all. The newly made contacts will benefit you any way. Don’t focus on that.
  2. Involve others :- Involve those who wish to take up some responsibility themselves. Involve them. Arrange more meetings. They are not useless. The more you meet more people , the more you develop qualities. More you will understand them.
  3. Organize contact details at 1 Place :- Get everyone’s contact details at a single place. If you are little computer savvy , keep it on a place like Google Drive in a spreadsheet. However, also maintain a Hard Copy.
  4. Create a Private Facebook group :- Keep it “Closed”. All people , especially ladies do not like to share everything with the world. But keep on posting all updates there. DO NOT tag friends without their permissions.
  5. Create a Whatsapp group :- Whatsapp is another mobile app where you can starta private group upto 50 members. It’s very fast, popular.Keep on sharing the GT related updates.
  6. Start Small :- If this is the first GT after many years, keep it short, small & beautiful. May be a 3-4 hours event at a local hotel. The schedule can be Simple …like initial greet-meet, take a seat, and then everyone shares his life from the dias ( 5 mins each), then may be lunch or dinner. This meet will be just a starting for a longer duration network. Slowly grow & explore to longer & may be a Day-over events where you may have more time & build relationships.
  7. Tell the venue clearly :- Share the venue details very clearly. Give your & other organizers contact numbers very dominantly. Help all , try to arrange a pool-up if some people can be coming from nearby areas. Improve bonding again.
  8. Do Moderate Follow up :- Do just legitimate follow up. Don’t Overdo. No-one likes to be sent over smses or emails bombarded to their inboxes. Be reasonable. At the end , if he/she does not respond , stay OK.
  9. Be cheerful :- During the event, be cheerful to keep the atmosphere happy. Though I personally do not like the idea of hiring any outside event person for this; still I will suggest to hire one to keep & maintain everyone’s spirits up.
  10. Be composed & Happy :- At the end, some may be happy, some may not. And that’s really out of your scope, frankly. And that’s not the reason for you to be unhappy. This is composure.

At the end, you should understand one thing…..if you focus on getting something from it , you are a looser. If you don’t , still you are NOT a winner. And that’s composure. That’s how you grow as a person.

As usual , share your thoughts.

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